1 September 2019: Recovery Day, Fathers Day, Sunday.

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September 1st 2019
Published: September 1st 2019
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With lights turned out at 2.30 this morning, waking at 6am with the bright sunlight streaming in was too early. I had a dull headache from lack of sleep; 3.5 hours of sleep just didn’t cut it. We showered and read a paper or two and wandered out to the breakfast room at 9am.

The early birds had already eaten one course and returned for more, while the hard core , vodka infused stopouts missed breakfast entirely; it finished at 11am. The food was similar to the night before. A large range of meats , salads, eggs, sausages complimented the standard mueslI, yoghurt, bread and honey or jam that most Australians recognise as a full breakfast. It was all tempting but I held back, conscious of the garden party in a few hours that is lunch, and stage two, and the finale, of this two day affair.

We all changed into something neat but comfortable, taking into account the unseasonably hot weather. Normally it’s a casual suit for men, but we backed off from that idea.

The garden party was held on the lawn area , and a lunch of steaming vegetables, roast potatoes, capsicums, and onions, backed
up by savoury fat juicy sausages, beef steaks, and pork leg was a buffet deal eaten on the tables under the veranda, that stretched the full length of the building.

It was a perfect setting, shielded from the sun, and overlooking the trimmed lawn that stopped about 30 metres away at an ivy covered stone wall.

Sitting in the soft cane wraparound chairs under the trees at the foot of the garden, the old monastery looked radiant.

People were slowly lubricating, their brains were thawing out, and a more playful noisy atmosphere soon resurfaced, with a few girls setting up music for some impromptu dancing, some singalongs, as the group moved to the lawn.

Somehow the Nutbush dance, a new favourite of some, was resurrected out on the lawn but it was a more tempered version than the previous evening. It seemed natural to have a crack so I joined the group but was far from the most enthusiastic.

Some of the party crew didn’t go to bed until 5 am this morning, but were the earliest at breakfast and onto the the dancelawn this afternoon. All the opened but unfinished bottles of vodka disappeared into shot glasses, but for some, chilled wine or water was plenty.The Nutbush was performed, most enthusiastically by some unnamed girls who I think, under any assessment, are seasoned party animals, and on the grass in the sun , it reminded me of one of those midsummer parties in England, with small groups absorbed in their own little conversations, a group dancing barefoot on the lawn, and some booking cabs for the ride home.

Then the skies opened; a heavy downpour arrived , uninvited and unexpected. Everything was packed up, the leftover alcohol weighing the boot down in Alicia’s car, and we headed to Tim and Natalia’s Wroclaw unit for a final push , the after party.

Sue and I only stayed briefly, just enough time for a quick chat while waiting for an Uber to arrive. He was late arriving, almost clipped a car in the adjoining lanes on the way, but we arrive safely into the arms of Michael and Anne who we had a light pasta carbonara dinner with, before heading back to lock up for the night.

Well, this wedding was a great event, a two day endurance test, passed by all but
Relaxing out of the sun.Relaxing out of the sun.Relaxing out of the sun.

This was the go to spot after lunch, in order to escape the heat
with a few notable casualties along the way. Pace Yourself was not the mantra of some present, and a price was paid. Sue and I enjoyed every minute, the guests were very social, most people participated in games or whatever else was pursued in the name of fun, and I can very confidently state that every overseas visitor had a ball.

Yes you did; you just don’t remember much, if anything.

The organisation was crisp, and my thanks go out to all involved for making us so welcome.

By the way, it’s Fathers Day in Australia, so a big shoutout to all Dads. I spoke to Andrew this morning, a dad and dad to be again son, and it was a nice way to start the day. He spoke to all family meMyers present, so it was a long call. Tomorrow is a quiet day. Most people leave, to continue their travels in other parts of Europe, but we have a day left, before flying to Lisbon in Portugal.

Ciao for now, Steve

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The Old Monastery The Old Monastery
The Old Monastery

Top, right hand veranda area was our room for the night. Even the groom conceded that maybe our room was the best.The bridal suite was pretty remarkable; three rooms with period furniture. I think ours was just huge. We were very fortunate.
It’s a family affair.It’s a family affair.
It’s a family affair.

I’m not sure Andrew would be too disappointed to have missed this.

1st September 2019

Congratulations to Tim and Natalia. Can’t wait to see all the photos when you head back this way .
2nd September 2019

Thanks Donna.
Hope the Nutbush meets the sisters approval. Bit of a laugh but the Europeans loved it. There is footage we’ll send it to you
2nd September 2019

The photos I seen looks like you had it down perfect xx

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