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June 26th 2016
Published: June 26th 2016
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Lets Enjoy OurselvesLets Enjoy OurselvesLets Enjoy Ourselves

Waiting for the bus. A bit damp but very happy.
What better way to spend a Friday night in Bergen than to go to a concert by Paul McCartney. Along with thousands of other people I swayed and danced to songs that covered his history of being one of the most iconic entertainers from the 60's and 70's with the Beatles and Wings. I, of course, was one of the back up singers, although he wasn't aware of it. There were only a few songs that I, and it appeared the rest of the audience, didn't know the words to. For over 3 hours he sang out Lennon/McCartney classics including Hey Jude, Love Me Do, Back to The USSR, and McCartney classics, including Band On the Run, Live and Let Die. Also a couple of George Harrison greats like Something, and so many others from these great song writers. At 74 he far surpassed my expectations of how good this concert was going to be, voice great, chatter great, other members of the band great, fantastic background graphics and action on stage,{especially Live and Let Die, flames and explosions everywhere} and he is still very capable of wooing the crowd young and old. To me this concert will remain in my
Special Treatment.Special Treatment.Special Treatment.

Chris escorting us to to the Golden Circle.
memory as one of the best, up with some others I have enjoyed over the years. Magic night spent with Diane, Rune, Lillen, Tom, and Turid just enjoying the memories that he and these songs being back. So pleased that we were here in Bergen at this time so we could attend. Thanks Chris, such a buzz for us oldies. Pip/Rod

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Ready to Roll.Ready to Roll.
Ready to Roll.

Time to get in close to the stage.
OH Look. Refreshments.OH Look. Refreshments.
OH Look. Refreshments.

Chris does look after us so well prior to the concert.
Proud Mum.Proud Mum.
Proud Mum.

And a very tired son. He has been so busy we haven't seen a lot of him.
Two Old Teenagers!Two Old Teenagers!
Two Old Teenagers!

Rune and I enjoy the atmosphere.
Wet and Busy.Wet and Busy.
Wet and Busy.

Chris has time to ensure Lillen is looked after.
The Man Himself.The Man Himself.
The Man Himself.

Paul McCartney gets straight into A Hard Days Night. It is still obvious that he loves preforming.
Jackets Off.Jackets Off.
Jackets Off.

Really getting down to business.
Sing On, Play on.Sing On, Play on.
Sing On, Play on.

He keeps on going.
Beat It.Beat It.
Beat It.

Great drummer, great band.
Two Legends.Two Legends.
Two Legends.

Their music is still wonderful.

I loved the back ground graphics.

Such a good night.
Let It Be.Let It Be.
Let It Be.

One of my favourite songs. Let me hum it for you.
From the Big Screen.From the Big Screen.
From the Big Screen.

Some of the crowd in the background.
Story Time.Story Time.
Story Time.

Just a little chat. Some in Norwegian. He spent over an hour with one of Chris's co-workers learning some phases.

A few ballads.
Boom, Bang and Fire.Boom, Bang and Fire.
Boom, Bang and Fire.

Live and Let Die.

29th June 2016
Jackets Off.

How wonderful
Jealous that you got to see him.
3rd July 2016

Wow - the concert did sound fantastic. We are both very envious being avid Beatles fans! Like you we thought the background graphics were amazing. Sure to be a highlight of your trip along of course with little granddaughters!
3rd July 2016

Absolutely Fantastic.
And it certainly turned me into the mad teenager I was a hundred years ago.
8th July 2016

What an experience. Did you pass on my regards? - Hope it was low alc beer!!
9th July 2016

Low Alcohol???
Yea! Right!!!. He did say wish were here. Another Yea Right.

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