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June 14th 2016
Published: June 18th 2016
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Ice Cream Time.Ice Cream Time.Ice Cream Time.

Lilly and Stella with Rune and Lillen while walking the water front on the day after arrival.
WELL!!! I do find that the long fights are very tiring now, so it was with relief we finally landed in Bergen. We left home at 4pm on Thursday the 9th of June. Journey begins!!! Flight out of Wellington at 5.45pm headed to Auckland to arrive at 6.50pm. Fill in some time at Auckland then board the plane to fly out at 9.45pm. Oh well. There are a couple of movies I want to watch in flight and then try to sleep for a while. Yea Right!!! I have never slept well while 35000 feet in the air, so a bit of a toss and turn affair until, finally I sleep for about 4 hours. Read and watch some more movies and then finally arrive in LA after 11.48 hours. A couple of hours in LA, then back on board for the flight to Heathrow, London. Once again a bit of reading and a couple of movies just to fill in time. Also stand at the back for a couple of hours talking to crew and streching the body until attempting to sleep. Toss and turn but sleep for about 3.5 hours. Thats ok, I'll rest up when in Bergen. Arrive
Di Among Hundreds.Di Among Hundreds.Di Among Hundreds.

Down on the water front enjoying the crowd.
London at 11.40am Friday the 10th after crossing the international date line. such a long flight. So now we have to wait for our flight to Bergen for about 5.5 hours. Not to worry. We can spend our time walking the long corridors of Heathrow, then transfer to terminal 5 by bus and then proceed through the security {bugger!! I keep on beeping and end up with my arms in the air with a lovely lady patting me down" NO complaints" except she thought I was an Aussie}. Put her right, she apologised and laughed at my indignation and my attempted Aussie accent, stopped beeping, and proceeded into terminal 5 so I could sit and watch the thousands of other travellers who were walking backward and forward, eating, drinking and watching me walking backward and forward, etc etc. It is such a busy terminal and even finding a seat can be a problem. Then, into the air for our flight to Bergen of just over 2 hours. My eyes are not prepared to read and keep on closing. Great, we are coming into land and I have been asleep. So thats that, just clear customs and gather our bags. Right,

Enjoying some morning tea.
I've got 1 and here come another 2. Hey, were has everyone else gone. Why are there no more bags coming around the carousel. I'm sure I put 4 on the belt at Wellington. Stuff it. More paper work for the missing bag and a delay, but finally out into the terminal were we are swamped by 2 little girls, big hugs kisses and lots of chatter. So great to be here and see the girls and Chris and Hege. Just magic. The arduous flight all forgotten. This is what the trip out here it is like every year {about 35 to 38 hours each time}when we come over but we wouldn't change a thing. It is so neat to be here with Chris and Hege and to enjoy the girls 24/7. Slow start for the few days we have been here as Chris and Hege working and the girls in their last days of school and kindy. Holidays for the next 7 to 8 weeks.We have caught a Piano Recital in an old church for Lilly's Piano school break-up and also her schools break-up concert. Chris has been really busy with Bergen Fest which is a week long annual
A Piano Recital.A Piano Recital.A Piano Recital.

Lilly playing at the end of year recital for her music school.
event in Bergen with lots of various things happening. He leaves home early and returns every night well after midnight, the latest being about 4 in the morning. Very tired, so not much conversation but it slows down next week. So far we have enjoyed fantastic weather, sun and no wind and also catching up with Rune and Lillen. Catch up soon Pip/Rod

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School Concert.School Concert.
School Concert.

Lilly in full voice at the end of school concert.
Off to School and Kindy.Off to School and Kindy.
Off to School and Kindy.

I enjoy the walk to Lilly's school and Stella's kindy.
Important Places to Find.Important Places to Find.
Important Places to Find.

Di finds an important Wine Bar at Bergen Fest.

24th June 2016

Great to read of your adventures thus far and hoping you got that bag back! Same old, same old here - weather still reasonably mild and most days good for walking! Thinking that it must be just about Paul Mccartney time so will look forward to hearing all about that! Got two little grandsons with us this weekend so up early in the morning for soccer. Keeps us on our toes. Enjoy your weekend you two xx

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