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August 1st 2013
Published: August 1st 2013
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Another meal, another wine.Another meal, another wine.Another meal, another wine.

Sitting on the deck at Chris and Heges enjoying dinner in the sun.
I have been busy doing things since Di left and now I only have a few days left before I leave Bergen for Turkey. Hege, Lilly, Stella and I have just returned from climbing a mountain called, wait for it, Telleeikfjellet, which is 391mts high. And now I am having a bit of a rest. All this exercise has been great but a couple of the climbs I've been on are pretty steep. Chris took a couple of days off and all of us climbed another mountain called Veten{486mts} one day and the next we all did a bike ride, about 10k, which was dry on the way out but very wet on the way back in. We have also done a couple of smaller rides in the evenings. Lilly has progressed so well in her ability to ride. Tomorrow, Chris and I head to Tysse for an afternoon fish. Chris has high hopes as this spot has only opened today and so we will be only the 3rd party to fish it. He has booked from 3pm till midnight for us, so fingers crossed. Then on Sunday we have an early start, booked from 6am till 12 noon. Then we

A girl and her cat. They certainly get on very well.
race home and I set off to Turkey at 6pm. Rush rush rush. in the world of travel. Not really, as I have had a very relaxing time here and had great fun with Lilly and Stella. I may go and see Elvis Costello on Saturday night as I like some of his music. All is well and hopefully it continues that way. Pip/Rod

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I'll miss you.I'll miss you.
I'll miss you.

Di tells Lilly how much she will miss her.
Up the Mountain.Up the Mountain.
Up the Mountain.

The start to Mt Veten is through farm land but very very steep. Beautiful views but I'm not sure if that is what takes your breath away.

Once off the farm track it was up and up and up and puff puff puff. I think Stella has the right idea.
I need a rest.I need a rest.
I need a rest.

Hege takes over the heavy load and then it was up up up and puff etc.
And up.And up.
And up.

Lilly leads the way and manages to talk while I just puffed.
I'm sick of this chair.I'm sick of this chair.
I'm sick of this chair.

Stella decides a different form of transport is better.
Right to the TopRight to the Top
Right to the Top

Mt Veten, 486 meters up we could stop, rest and enjoy the views. Just one of the great walks around Bergen. Well worth the climb.
I made it. I made it.
I made it.

Really enjoyed this, and no, this isn't my jacket and I haven't put on that much weight.
Father and Son.Father and Son.
Father and Son.

Soi nice to do ordinary stuff together.
Down we go.Down we go.
Down we go.

Heading down. The pics don't show how steep it was in some places and a lot of it was on all 4's.

Heading down to the farm and big sister looks after little sister.
Whew, That was hard work.Whew, That was hard work.
Whew, That was hard work.

The girls really enjoy this sort of thing and they can certainly handle it.
Easy rider.Easy rider.
Easy rider.

Stella gets to go the easy way.
A biking family.A biking family.
A biking family.

Just drifting along through the country side. Neat fun and good for you.

Lilly takes the lead again.
There's Pops.There's Pops.
There's Pops.

I'll just give the royal wave.
Soaking wet.Soaking wet.
Soaking wet.

But it was just so much fun.
What are you doing.What are you doing.
What are you doing.

Stella tries to entice Lucy out from under the tree.

7th August 2013

Doing Plenty
That sure looks steep, Pip and everyone looks so so fit.They are all so precious these wonderful children and grandchildren of ours aren't they? ENJOY!!!!

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