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July 28th 2013
Published: July 28th 2013
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Home made Beef burgersHome made Beef burgersHome made Beef burgers

Sitting down to a good feed of special home made burgers.
Well here I am in Norway and Di is back in NZ. Not happy to leave the grandkids and not happy to be going back to the shakes. I can say that we had a fantastic time in England and France, and while we have been here it has been as usual, fantastic. So now I have a week to do some long walks and also do some fishing with Chris. We have only been out once since I've been here as it is a busy time for Chris with concerts etc. He has Neil Young this coming week but we can now get some time in fishing. I went and saw Rihanna on Friday night at an out door concert{in the Golden Circle no less} along with thousands of screaming young people, what an experience. I'm not overly familiar with her music but what a great entertainer. So it was a great night and Chris said very successful. It did take me most of Saturday to recover, must of been something I ate. Yea Right!! The weather has been brilliant and I have managed to work up quite a tan so that I wont suffer when I'm with the boat.
At the CabinAt the CabinAt the Cabin

Lilly and Stella enjoy flying a kite. It was so high I couldn't get a photo.
It has been the best and hottest time I have had in Bergen and I have even gone swimming in the sea. Had a day out at the cabin and the young guys went out fishing, ate some lovely food, and went for a long walk. We went and spent half a day at the Royal Residence grounds, {were the Royal Family stay when in Bergen} and enjoyed swimming and a picnic. It is a beautiful place to go and relax. The exciting news is that a new arrival has appeared in the household. Lucy, a tabby kitten has taken up residence and the kids love her. She has fitted into family life very well and is no problem. So, I will keep in touch. Pip/Rod

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New Baby.New Baby.
New Baby.

Hege, brother Thomas and his wife Anne Lene, with their new baby, Sofia. She is very very cute and Di couldn't get enough of her.
The new age The new age
The new age

Sebastian, Thomas and Anne Lene's son, and Stella love the i'pad and all the things you can do with it. Even if you are only young.
Grand Dads talesGrand Dads tales
Grand Dads tales

Lilly, Sebastian and Stella all listen to Rune explain that this is a mackerel while Thomas listens in.
Time for More Food.Time for More Food.
Time for More Food.

Hege, Rune, myself, Thomas and Julius all settled and waiting to eat. I seem to be eating all the time.
Leaving the Cabin.Leaving the Cabin.
Leaving the Cabin.

Di, Lilly and Chris walk down the track from the cabin. Another great day.
Royal ResidenceRoyal Residence
Royal Residence

Picnic time in the gardens. Lovely setting on a very very hot day. The fjord is just below us.
Royal Residence.Royal Residence.
Royal Residence.

From the entrance,

Stella will quite often walk out into the kitchen with the microphone and stand, then start a impromptu concert. Both her and Lilly have talent. I am a Grandfather.

Lilly and Di share some discussion about what they are watching. Or is Lilly trying to explain what it's about?
Salmon and sauceSalmon and sauce
Salmon and sauce

Just about to start in on some salmon and some sauces. Love this food.
Chris and HegeChris and Hege
Chris and Hege

Also going to start in on some salmon.
Come on. Try the water.Come on. Try the water.
Come on. Try the water.

Lilly trying to entice me into the water. I thought it would be to cold. I was wrong. Again.
Lets splash PopsLets splash Pops
Lets splash Pops

Lilly and Stella gang up on me an start the splash thing.
Time for a swim.Time for a swim.
Time for a swim.

Hege and stella get ready to make a splash
Wow. This isn't cold.Wow. This isn't cold.
Wow. This isn't cold.

Magic. My first swim in Norway. It was beautiful in beautiful surroundings.
New addition New addition
New addition

Lucy come to town. Already there is a great understanding with the kids.

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