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September 26th 2019
Published: September 25th 2019
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Back In Bergen.Back In Bergen.Back In Bergen.

We never get tired of visiting the top of Floren to enjoy the view.
Yes. Back in Norway at Chris and Hege's enjoying catching up with our Norwegian family. Our plan for this year was to stay in NZ as Chris and his family had been out to NZ in December / January. But as everyone knows, Grandchildren rule the world, and after a couple of skype's where Lilly and Stella suggested that we should seriously reconsider staying in NZ, and just come to Norway, Di contacted our travel agent and within about 5 hrs, it was all settled. A good price, with Singapore airlines providing the wings, and once again, off to Bergen.

This is the 17th year we have travelled here to stay with Chris and Hege. Our first trip was in October 2002, spurred on by the need to meet Hege. Amy joined us, and meeting Hege for the first time was such a delight. We found that she and her family had made Chris feel very much at home in Norway. When we set off on our return home, we left knowing that Chris was very happy and settled.

Fantastic to look back at these years and remember all the landmark occasions that have happened in those years. Chris

Di grabs a sleep in the lounge at Copenhagen after a 12 hour flight from Singapore. Next stop Bergen.
and Hege's wedding 2005, Lilly arriving on the scene in 2007 and Stella in 2011. Always enjoying home life at Chris and Hege's and having magic meals at Hege's parents place. Fishing, boating, staying in Rune and Lillen's cabin on the North sea or at Chris and Hege's place in Voss. Getting to know some of this beautiful country and, really, getting very spoiled by our extended Norwegian family. No wonder we return year after year.

So, 2019, here we are again. We were most impressed by Singapore airlines. The staff on board were great and nothing seemed to be too much trouble. A comfortable 1st leg to Singapore then after a 2 hour stopover, the 2nd leg to Copenhagen. Then the final leg with Scandinavian Airlines to Bergen. It is a very long trip from NZ to anywhere in Europe, and we have found that every year it gets a little tougher. But, it is always so great to get here and be greeted by our lovely girls.

We will be be here for 5 weeks and in that time we will watch the girls sport, shop, walk, talk and have some great dinners. Also there may

Waiting for a pass in a Soccer tournament in torential rain. Wet, but a great time.
be a little fishing involved. We spent the last weekend in Voss and were treated to the best of weather. It was so tranquil and beautiful. I love just sitting on the deck in the evening looking at the view of the surrounding mountains, the farms in the valley and the lakes. A magic place. Of course there is a red wine in hand.

Interesting to see the growth rate of both girls and something that has been quite noticable the last few times we have caught up. Within the first few minutes it is obvious that Lilly has now become taller than Nana Di. Lots of hoots and laughter and standing back to back.

How lucky are we! It is almost as if we are returning home when we arrive and just being able to be part of the kids life's is a blessing. Pip/ Rod

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Nana and Lilly.Nana and Lilly.
Nana and Lilly.

In discussion on the way to Stellas soccer.
Stella On Attack.Stella On Attack.
Stella On Attack.

Go Stella, now shoot.
A alk In The Woods.A alk In The Woods.
A alk In The Woods.

I spend a lot of time walking in the bush and I can always find interesting things and usually a lake or two.
Something to Catch The Eye.Something to Catch The Eye.
Something to Catch The Eye.

Always something to see and look at.
A Small Lake.A Small Lake.
A Small Lake.

Out for a walk and then a surprise comes into view. A magic area.
Always A Irish Pub.Always A Irish Pub.
Always A Irish Pub.

Yes. There seems to be at least one in every city.
Enjoying The Evening.Enjoying The Evening.
Enjoying The Evening.

Chris and I sitting on the deck in Voss.
Sitting Above The Clouds.Sitting Above The Clouds.
Sitting Above The Clouds.

The view is not to be seen but what a magic scene it is above the cloud.
Enjoying The Sun Above The Cloud.Enjoying The Sun Above The Cloud.
Enjoying The Sun Above The Cloud.

Waiting for the view to come into sight.
Stella, Lilly and Di.Stella, Lilly and Di.
Stella, Lilly and Di.

Engaged in a game of Ludo.
Oh, There's the ViewOh, There's the View
Oh, There's the View

The cloud has gone and the view is great.
Lilly, Stella and NanaLilly, Stella and Nana
Lilly, Stella and Nana

On the shores of one of the lakes at Voss. A beautiful day.
Paddle Boarding.Paddle Boarding.
Paddle Boarding.

Chris and Lilly out on one of the lakes in Voss.
Ah!!!  The Hot Dog.Ah!!!  The Hot Dog.
Ah!!! The Hot Dog.

Always enjoy a number of these on our Bergen visits.

26th September 2019

And I've lost track of how many of your summers I've followed.
Time flies. It doesn't sound like you are going to visit other countries on this visit. Have a great summer!

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