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September 21st 2006
Published: September 21st 2006
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This morning I woke up naturally at 6:30am, a horrible horrible hour. I couldn't sleep for no reason at all, so I just poked around on the internet and spoke to my friend who just returned from India and had jet lag. I finally crawled back in bed and slept for another 4 hours. I guess it takes more than 3 weeks for me to get used to everything - especially not sleeping on a futon. =)

After waking up, I checked my email and received the weirdest and funniest email ever. Yesterday, I sent my landlord, Arie, an email because he had some mail. I also wanted to let him know that I finally set up a bank account and I'll pay him for rent. I still haven't paid him for rent at all...and he doesn't really care. I'd be sued by now if this happened in Seattle. haha. But anyway, he is really bad at English and so he used to send me back emails. This is the email I received from him:
Best Myia,

Thanks for your emailtje. I want to come raise tomorrow. And also
thanks for the rent. Put on normally calm. I was alone aroused
curiosity or regulated had you everything.

greetings, Arie


Hm...okay...I'm pretty sure I understood what he meant. But at the same time, I wondered if he put my email into and also misunderstood what I said. Who knows?! I laughed so hard because I had to re-read the email a few times. I don't think I'll email him again and leave it to my Dutchmates to do so. I asked Chiel what he really said (it had the original Dutch text below this one) and he basically said thanks for the email, i'll come tomorrow to pick it up. Thanks for the rent, don't rush on it, I was just wondering if you had everything organized with the bank or not.

So if you have to say something in another language...use that program wisely. =)
Other than that, it's been beautiful weather, tomorrow should be 26*C here and I think I might venture to find this lake thing. Also, I found out that all the buses in the city are free tomorrow for some reason, so I might also use that to my advantage.

Miss you guys and take care.

xoxo Myia


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