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September 7th 2006
Published: September 7th 2006
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5:45am - woke up because it sounded like somebody was yelling right in my ear. Oh wait, it was just the crazy neighbor yelling for 15 minutes at their dog. You'd think I know the dog's name by now, but all I heard was "kom! kom! dkddkdkjsdkjkdfjkd kom!"

7:30am - woke up again because the crazy neighbors kids were bouncing a ball against the fence. I know I'll get used to the noise. I mean I was able to live in a dorm room freshman year with 3 boys on one side of me and 2 boys on the other side of me that were in a rock band. They had a drum set and everything.

10:30am - I voluntarily woke up this time. Ate bread and strawberry mango jam and a yogurt. Watched some Dutch television. They have this really hilarious commercial for a cup of soup. It's making fun of the airport security. There's this guy that's going through the bag check and the officer digs through his duffle bag. The officer pulls out a sweatshirt and two small packages filled with white powder with tape around the bag. He then pulls out a little nail file and holds it up and tells the guy he's going to confiscate it. He puts the bags (hinting towards cocaine or something) back in the duffel back and sends the guy on his way. Then you see a hand hold out a cup of soup (I assume the guy bought the officer a cup of soup for not noticing the drugs or something).

Before I left I looked outside. Rain. Darn. I got my jacket, unlocked my bike, and started to ride to the university. Three things I found out while riding in the rain: 1, Rain in the netherlands is not like rain in seattle. This rain is like a mist. I felt like I was riding my bike through a thick cloud of heavy mist the whole time, which meant that my jacket was practically pointless. 2, Dutch people don't wear jackets. I don't know if it's a status thing but I saw a girl riding past me wearing capri pants and a white longsleeve shirt. No jacket, no umbrella. I think people here wear jackets when it's cold outside, but not when it's raining. 3, I better learn how to ride while holding an umbrella. I saw a guy as I was leaving the university who was holding a gigantic rainbow-colored umbrella in one hand and talking on the cell phone with his other hand. How was he holding onto his handlebars??? he wasn't. Nobody really touches their handlebars here - they usually have one hand occupied with their cellphone and the other either smoking a cigarette or holding a bag of groceries.

I went to my multicultural communications in health (I never got a good translation of the course name)
bleh! It didn't save the rest that I wrote. grrrr. Okay, retelling what I can remember, but it won't be as long because I don't like rewriting things. =)
My class that I went to today is going to be in Dutch. I was not sure at first how I was going to handle this, and really...I'm still not sure how i'm going to do it. I think I'm slightly crazy. But here's an equation:

Lectures in Dutch + Myia doesn't know Dutch = Myia will learn Dutch very quickly and make really good friends with her classmates.

Overall, the class was interesting. I only understood about 40% of the lecture, but the readings and exam will be in English for me. The professor said he's willing to meet with me if I ever have any questions. So i think i'm just going to go stick with it and be brave.

I'm tired of sitting at my computer, so I'm off to watch some Dutch tv with my flatmates. the american tv series takes a long time to get on the air here. The Nanny is a popular show here and just yesterday I saw Chiel watching a Dr Phil Christmas special. =) The Dutch news though is very nice and light-hearted. They have all kinds of random stories about everyday people. The latest in the news that I'm not sure has reached the states: A girl that was kidnapped 8 years ago escaped from her capturer recently. She was kidnapped when she was 8 in Austria and nobody had seen her since then. She escaped because her kidnapper had a call on his cell phone while she was in the garden and she ran off. He's now in custody and they showed pictures of the closet she was locked in for 8 years. Quite amazing.

The big headline story in today's Enschede newspaper: a 17 year old boy has now solved 20 rubic's cube puzzles and will attend the championship tournament in Paris. good luck to him. =)

Tomorrow I'm going to Amsterdam and hopefully visit the Van Gogh museum.

Doei Doei!


14th November 2006

why greek? the dog is funny haha

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