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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Katwijk November 8th 2012

I love the ocean when it's wild.... read more
Oude Kerk

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Katwijk January 1st 2012

Happy New Year World! We began the New Year by doing something neither of us have ever been crazy enough to do... We went for a swim! At 3:00pm we ran down the beach and jumped into the North Sea! What a rush! When Sander and Annelie suggested it to us, Elysia was onboard immediately. Mike was not. He thought that such an activity was rather foolish and a little crazy. But, Annelie and Sander explained that all that dove into the sea on January 1st would recieve a free bowl of pea soup. That, of course, was enough to convince Mike. So, at about 1:00pm, Sander and Annelie's friend Pietr picked us up and drove us to a city called Katwijk aan Zee. It took a little under an hour to get there, and we ... read more
Trying to Keep Warm While Waiting to Take The Plunge
Even Santa Claus Made it Out
And, So Did the Smurfs!

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