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May 1st 2011
Published: May 2nd 2011
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After a nice long walk around the tiny shopping dist of Haarlem and a yummmy Biscotoni geleto...i hv settled down to start a travellog for the next 15 days of my life...Why a blog? There are several reasons ...for those of u who have endured the torture of reading my blogs might ask "OH LORD WHY??!!"... Reason -one and most important...for the benefit for family and frenz who might be on the edge either with concern or slow roasting in their own juices of jealousy or maybe both 😉

Like every single thing in my trip too kicked off ,with the much needed drama and panic..Here's a tip , next time i am traveling to somewhere get ur popcorn popping and ur drinks chilled ...sit back and watch my show...i can give Jason Bourne a run for his money... Yeah Yeah !! i know its not a good thing ...

Anyways getting to the point ...Europe...i hv always romantizied about the continent..i will end it there and keep u from the misery of highly descriptive unchanined random thoughts for picturesque locations , corwded squares and handsome people etc etc.. we have all see gloating pictures of frenz or family who have been there..documentarys shows..moives and filmi songs...SO when Attha asked me if i wanted to go ...i put her on hold called G and said " Attha asked me if i wanted to go to Amsterdam with her ?? Should i go ? " Silence ..10 second later " ok i will say no 😞 " ..5 seconds...G says " Ok go! " And thus after a lot of manuvaring , planning , reading and a month full of days here I AM 😊

When i reached the Sichapol felt sureal...I could't believe i was here finally..i had alawys hoped but never thought it would ever happen ...europe 😊...Nice any other...We took the train from the subway below the airport for Harrlem, a suburbian town about 15-20 minutes from Amsterdam. 4 Stops and one transfer later we were right outside the Harrlem station at 8:30 this morning . And guess what it was all EMPTY ..Just a flower shop and bunch taxis and not a soul to be seen anywhere... It was Queensday yesterday . The biggest block party of the year....I asked the cabbie ...and exactly like i suspected...everybody partied hard till late was relaxxxing this morning. The cabbie himself said he was sleepless,tierd and hungover..Oh by tierd he meant tired of trying to impress the ladies and wooging with them....He said the sunshine and opera music on the radio made him feel sane again this morning...

We got to the hotel early check ins as it is completly booked..Awesome....Coz then it was direct attack on the breakfast buffet..:D 2 hours....2 types of breads , 4 types of chessees , the best marbled mealt in your mouth salami , ham and two slices of rum cake later as i sat in the sunlight streaming into the hotel lobby ...there was a symphony in my head..and a ballet on my eyelids :D We went for a small walk around the hotel and finally checked in a bit .

A hot shower ....and 3 hours of snore snore while poor Atha had to go work ... I woke up dressed ..chatted up the recptionist a few maps and went for a walk along the shopping street. Most of the stores were closed it being a sunday . The streets are made of brick ..all u see is small big young old..fat well i havent really seen anyone fat as yet ..people on their byciles. Any and every street corner where there is room for some warm sunshine there will be a cafre with small tables and bunch of people sitting around and drinking beer and hanging out ...canals running ..with small empty boats floating on the side lines..a Big trees ...with benches all around them ....people sitting under them and reading in the warm sunshine...or dozzing off . 😊

oh i had yummy gelato on the way back ...ME and Attha went to a spanish resturant for dinner...awesomee food...there was a street fair ...had Poffitinies (if i rem the name correctly) street dessert...its basically pancake mix ...made into fired with butter and dusted wid a ton of powdered sugar (pongadalu )......came back to the hotel and snore snore....BTW guess what 3 indian resturants around the Hotel...i realzied u could always find an Indian Resturant ...Anywhere!!

Alrite time to go....will add pics and more tonight...Please excuse/ignore the typos and the SPs ....
take care CIAO


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