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May 4th 2011
Published: May 4th 2011
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Puff was super tierd yesterday . I came to the business center to upload pics but i dozzed off at the desk . was on my feet from almost 10 in the morning except for a boat ride and a food break . But boy was it great. I was very very scared when i first set foot outside the Amsterdam's central station into the city of canals ...and has river and an harbour.......... for the obisous reason ...I AM HYDROBHOBIC :D..yea look at the irrony of it all ...And a chessey telugu moive joke were the Dutch ...thatz why they built bridges khiehehehe...
But after a bit, maybe because i started off with a boat ride or there were people everywhere or that there was soo much water all around....i aient scared no more :D

The boat ride was fun . It started through the main canal ...cut across the harbour onto the Amestl river into a network to canals . Most of them have builings lined up on either sides . So basic history of Amsterdam , It was a major port town and of the biggest trade markets in Europe . Thus the Dutch flourished . The city is about 800 years old . Most of these buildings that lineup on the sides of canals were warehouses till the 17th century (read 1600s). After which they were coverted into living areas.Most of them these days have been converted into appartment complexes but a few canal houses still reamin and are very very expensive. Thet are marked national heritage sites by the Dutch government and it is almost impossible for the owners to make changes or alternations in them ...NO turning the balcony into an extra bedroom :P The goverment also provides tax exemptions to the owners. Most of these buildings have painted cellings (painted with gold mind u ) which have been restored and line up the golden bend the name suggests. Btw they have all the morden eminities.

One can also see houseboats that line up the sides of the canals. These boats are boats for the namesake you need to a have a special license to own one and it is also given for a fix spot only. So much for a boat huh... Houseboats are mostly owned by artists as the rippling effect in their paintings adds up a few more bucks ! :P No but seriously they are mostly owned by artists who put their creativity on show while decorating their boats. Gives downing in ur own art a whole new meaning ..heheh

Ohh yeaa now the bit that everyone's waiting for -the Sex Museum . LOL ....well...what can i say ....*Blush blush* ...ummm again ...*blush blush * A big bore!!!!!!!! Yes its not typo..u read what u read...a big big bore...Or maybe i was a lil too excited abt it *blushes* ...Either was like any other museum ...It had the oldest porn pics...vibs and dildos made from ivory and bones etc etc ...erotic paintings from all over the world..Yea thatz about it...nothing kinky about it . ....

Dam Square. The harbour was a badass ....he would constanly fight with the river(Amestl) and make her cry ....which would keep flooding the city ...Dammm..Yea so that is exactly what the dutch did ...they Bulit a Dam on the river..Reminds me of me and Giri ...when we have a fight, he locks himself up in the bathroom and i stand outside the door ..yelling...lord am getting carried away ..comming back to the Dam ...So when built in the 17th century was a small bridge sort of a thing but as trade grew and sellers and buyers of goods begain selling they merchandise on was expaned a lil and made a small market and they kept building on it till what is it now ..a big square that houses the Royal Palace , the Obliesk memorial, Masdam Tussauds ect etc .. Thus the name Dam's Square ...which sounds like DOM the Dutch Pronounciation . We now know where Worli seaface is heading in a couple of hunderd yrs .. :P

Madam Tuassuds was fun ....wax figures of celebs and important world figures and crazy people getting crazy pics of themselves in crazy poses ....wid the dolls ..i mean the wax replicas... A couple of hours before Osama was killed ....the only replica u needed to pay for to take a picture with was that of Obama's...10 euros.....Dayumm i should hv bought that it might cost a bomb...OOpss...hey hey ...Pun In tended ...

The Obliesk is a obliesk in the center of the square ....a memorial commerating all the people who lost their lives in the second world war.

ALso on the square is MAGNUS..once the national post office the most expensive mall in all of Holland..-post rags to now riches..

Checked out the Red light Aear...famous for the ladies in the sex shows stores and OFCOURSE THE COFFEE SHOPS...which was total disaster...i somehow missed all of thoses streets and ended u up in a part of the area... half expecting to be here ....not here too ...WTF...ohh common!! .... China Town ....But lucky i got there coz through them i got to the oldest church in Amsterdam which is now having a exibition (now being used to exibitions and weddingsetc) of the world photo press... A very very magnificient and beautiful church and the photo exibiton was great too . This is called the south church if i rem correctly and was built in 1250 .

It was almost 5:30 in the evening .. i was dead tired walking all day i took a train back to the hotel ....Me and attha went out for dinner...Ridiculous ....the malai panner tasted like gajar hawal in a sauce ...litreally...the the owners three kids were secrtly drinking wine when their dad had stepped out for a bit...15 , 12 and 8 respectively ...heheheheh Back at the hotel we had a nogut pudding which was out of the world....Snoreezzzzzzzzzz...ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


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