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Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem September 3rd 2019

Today I left Amsterdam and boarded a train to Haarlem, a town just west of Amsterdam. (When the Harlem in New York was named, New York was New Amsterdam.) The Dutch version is a lovely, quaint town that was enjoyable to walk around. I visited several sights that are worth mentioning. Corrie Ten Boom was a woman who lived in Haarlem during WWII and she worked with the Resistance and hid Jews from the Nazis. She was eventually caught, but survived the Ravensbruck concentration camp and then wrote a book (The Hiding Place) that tells the story of how she and her family hid fugitives behind a false wall. She is credited with saving over 800 lives and I was touched to be able to tour the house and see the hiding place. The false wall ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem August 27th 2019

Everything comes to an end so our trip and may we say the last one. We had a very good time again but it is getting to costly with travel insurances etc. We celebrated Liz birthday that evening with family in Oudenbos visiting a restaurant called Het Zusje. We have been there once before and was very nice. It is a sort of Tapas place where you can order lots of things to try out. It comes in small portions. There are a few spread out in Holland and is a great success. Next day there were a few tears but than there is always Skype, so not everything is lost. We were also happy to see Ronald & Elly who live in Belgium but very close to Liz brother Hugo. We saw there new home ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem June 18th 2019

Haarlem, wat ben je mooi! Het plan dat al maanden in mijn hoofd zat en dagen op de planning stond, werd vandaag tot uitvoering gebracht en het was leuk! Even een stapje terug. De ochtend begon in Rotterdam en na netjes de afwas te hebben gedaan – het stond al een tijdje op me te wachten – heb ik mijn tas ingepakt: schoon onderbroekje, shirtje, zonnebrandcrème, (te veel) opladers, portemonnee, ook niet onbelangrijk; het paste allemaal maar net in m’n tas. Nou (s)katjes, tot morgen! Het plan was al vroeg in Haarlem aan te komen dus ik stapte gauw op de fiets naar Rotterdam Centraal waar vanuit mijn reis dan echt begon! De zon hoog aan de hemel, de hemel mooi blauw en een hoop zweetdruppels op mijn voorhoofd later, liep ik tegen het eind van ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem June 17th 2019

Het is al de hele maand juni en dat betekent dat er al een hoop extra vrije dagen zijn geweest de afgelopen weken: de Paashaas is al langs gehuppeld en al een hele tijd weer weg gehuppeld, de Hemel is open gegaan op een donderdag en het was weer een hele Goede Vrijdag. We hebben onze vrijheid gevierd en waren er weer 2 minuten stil van. Pinksteren was wat winderig en soms wat nattig maar ook die traktatie heb ik in ontvangst mogen nemen. Nogmaals dankjewel. Leuk als die vrije dagen zijn, echt op vakantie ben ik nog niet geweest. Er zijn heus leuke uitstapjes geweest dus ik zal zeker niet klagen, dat neemt niet weg dat ik een semi-onverwachte week vrij wel heel erg lekker vind. Even een stapje terug. Begin deze maand heb ik ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem May 22nd 2019

Today we were fortunate to have a beautiful, mostly sunny day and so took the opportunity today to relive some our favorite experiences from our stay here 10 years ago. We took our map of Haarlem and went on our own self-guided tour to locate some of the "secret" hofje (alms houses built in the 1500's and 1600's to provide housing for the poor. Even then the Dutch had a solution for the homeless. The we hiked to a park that had the reputation for the best pannenkoeken in town. Found some great apple fritters to complement afternoon coffee and had cheese and bread with Dutch beer for our pre-dinner "snack". Fortunately we had a modest bowl of soup for dinner - which we then topped of with gelato. It is a real good thing that ... read more
An exceptional alms house
Flowers everywhere
Some smaller than others

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem May 21st 2019

KLM treated us very well. 10+ hour flight with good food, not much turbulence, lots of movies and an empty seat next to us. A two minute walk from customs to a bus that was waiting for us. A 20 min. bus ride on a road that only carries buses and has the intersection lights controlled so the bus doesn't stop. Dutch green pea soup for dinner on a chilly evening. Haarlem is like a mini Amsterdam. Neat, quaint but not crowded. Now to get some rest in our cute "little" hotel (a 3 room hotel) and explore a bit tomorrow.... read more
Room with a kitchen
Centrum Square
On the square

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem June 9th 2016

After leaving the marina in Amsterdam the area is quite industrial and you travel the river mainly with large freighters and barges with an occasional pleasure boat. The 2ndbridge of the day opened at 10:30AM and we made it in plenty of time. Fortunately they have places to tie up as do most of the bridges which is very helpful. A lock was next which we entered into without a problem with 2 other boats. Fortunately people from another boat informed us that we had to walk over to the office to pay our 3.50 euro. Everyone was laid back so didn’t seem to mind waiting at all for me to walk across the bridge to pay. These same people gave us some information about the bridges ahead going through Haarlem. ... read more
Industrialization Doesn't Scare off the Swans
Each Haven for the Large Ships are Named
This Helicopter Pad is Actually on a Ship

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem April 20th 2015

Day 6 April 20 Haarlem, Keukonhof Gardens We left the port in Amsterdam at 4am and motored to the town of Haarlem Holland, arriving at 8am. This is an exciting day. We boarded the tour busses and took the 45 minute drive to the famed Keukenhof gardens. These gardens are only open 3 months every year and during spring when tulips bloom. Over a million visitors come year from all over the world during these spring months. The bulb farmers of Holland have planted 7 million bulbs in these extensive gardens. These gardens were truly a magnificent visual overload of beauty and awe. We spent a total of 5 hours wandering through all the paths and enjoying every step. I will upload some photos but I wished I could share the fragrance of the gardens particularly ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem July 31st 2014

It's hard to believe we have been in Holland for nearly 2 weeks - with nearly 2 more to go! I'm starting to think it's just not enough time! Onward, we go... Den Hague is home to Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring and we must visit her. She lives in the Mauritshuis Museum which is named after a man who had entirely too much money and loved to flaunt his conspicuous consumption. Included in the collection are works by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Steen, Holbein and other Dutch Masters. This time, we opt to leave the car at home - bad parking memories sparked a spike in the learning curve and we will take the 20 minute train instead. We are in the suburbs, after all. As we walked toward the Mauritshuis through the House of Parliament ... read more
Rule breakers
Waiting for the PM
PM of the Netherlands

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem May 16th 2014

Thursday Our first day without any rain! It was a beautiful ride through the countryside and several small villages. The one we stopped in for a break had a very active shopping area with lots of cafés, clothing stores, gift shops, grocery stores and, of course, bicycles everywhere. We had the ever-present quest for bathrooms; this time Marjan directed us to a cafe with free facilities. One of our stops was to the last of three large steam engines that were developed in the mid 1800's to drain land areas between Leiden, Haarlem and Amsterdam to prevent flooding and allow for connecting of the areas. It is now a museum as more modern technologies have taken over. At the time this was a huge improvement from dozens of windmills that had previously been relied upon to ... read more

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