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Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem April 20th 2015

Day 6 April 20 Haarlem, Keukonhof Gardens We left the port in Amsterdam at 4am and motored to the town of Haarlem Holland, arriving at 8am. This is an exciting day. We boarded the tour busses and took the 45 minute drive to the famed Keukenhof gardens. These gardens are only open 3 months every year and during spring when tulips bloom. Over a million visitors come year from all over the world during these spring months. The bulb farmers of Holland have planted 7 million bulbs in these extensive gardens. These gardens were truly a magnificent visual overload of beauty and awe. We spent a total of 5 hours wandering through all the paths and enjoying every step. I will upload some photos but I wished I could share the fragrance of the gardens particularly ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem July 31st 2014

It's hard to believe we have been in Holland for nearly 2 weeks - with nearly 2 more to go! I'm starting to think it's just not enough time! Onward, we go... Den Hague is home to Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring and we must visit her. She lives in the Mauritshuis Museum which is named after a man who had entirely too much money and loved to flaunt his conspicuous consumption. Included in the collection are works by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Steen, Holbein and other Dutch Masters. This time, we opt to leave the car at home - bad parking memories sparked a spike in the learning curve and we will take the 20 minute train instead. We are in the suburbs, after all. As we walked toward the Mauritshuis through the House of Parliament ... read more
Rule breakers
Waiting for the PM
PM of the Netherlands

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem May 16th 2014

Thursday Our first day without any rain! It was a beautiful ride through the countryside and several small villages. The one we stopped in for a break had a very active shopping area with lots of cafés, clothing stores, gift shops, grocery stores and, of course, bicycles everywhere. We had the ever-present quest for bathrooms; this time Marjan directed us to a cafe with free facilities. One of our stops was to the last of three large steam engines that were developed in the mid 1800's to drain land areas between Leiden, Haarlem and Amsterdam to prevent flooding and allow for connecting of the areas. It is now a museum as more modern technologies have taken over. At the time this was a huge improvement from dozens of windmills that had previously been relied upon to ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem February 29th 2012

2. THE FLIPPING OF THE STOMACH Oh my lord! – Those are the words that creep into my stream of thought every now and then, these days. Eleven nights are left for me to spend here, in the Netherlands – at home. After that, I’m not going to be home for 56 nights! Just thinking about this stresses me out. Mostly because of two things: I cannot have enough time to say goodbye to my sweet boyfriend who I’m not going to see for 3,5 months (stomach-flip!)… And secondly, I have to set up some sort of contract with my landlord and my friend who’s going to stay in my house for the 2 months I’m gone. That’s not such a big deal, but time is kind of running out – especially since the landlord is ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem February 1st 2012

1. THE DREADED MONTH When I woke up this morning, a ray of sunlight shining into my bedroom even though it’s freezing outside, I turned off my alarm and noticed today’s date. It is the first of February - the dreaded month. This is a month I dread because it means that in 30 days I have to be ready for my trip to Costa Rica, because I’m leaving on the 11th of March. Now, there’s not much left to physically do: I need to buy an adaptor that allows me to use American sockets; need to make copies of my health and travel insurance; and try my summer clothes on to see if I still fit them… And then of course buy new summer clothes. But those are not things that cannot be done within ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem May 1st 2011

After a nice long walk around the tiny shopping dist of Haarlem and a yummmy Biscotoni geleto...i hv settled down to start a travellog for the next 15 days of my life...Why a blog? There are several reasons ...for those of u who have endured the torture of reading my blogs might ask "OH LORD WHY??!!"... Reason -one and most important...for the benefit for family and frenz who might be on the edge either with concern or slow roasting in their own juices of jealousy or maybe both ;) Like every single thing in my trip too kicked off ,with the much needed drama and panic..Here's a tip , next time i am traveling to somewhere get ur popcorn popping and ur drinks chilled ...sit back and watch my show...i can give Jason Bourne a ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem September 2nd 2010

A smaller little city north of Amsterdam is Haarlem. Not far at all actually with only fifteen minutes on the train and is perfect for a day trip from Amsterdam but we managed to stay for two nights in the end. It is also a great alternative base than Amsterdam to not only for the tourist to Amsterdam but the locals for the cheaper prices and much quieter streets. It has all the charm that is expected in a small tourist town but unlucky for us the weather turned bad for the two days we were visiting and constant storms were coming and going. We did still manage to do some walking around the city, no major tourist attractions just small alleys ways and much cleaner dykes that the ones in Amsterdam. We pretty much took ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem August 26th 2010

Pfff.... wat neem je allemaal mee??? En wat moet ik allemaal nog doen? In elk geval een Travelblog aanmaken En iedereen uitnodigen daarvoor! Zo... kan er weer wat van mijn lijstje! Blogs schrijven doe ik wel als ik op reis ben. Heet niet voor niets een TRAVELblog!... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem July 16th 2010

I am not going to name the blogs by the day number anymore since it makes the end of the vacation seem to be too soon! So, today we went to Linnaeushof which is a kids amusement park. Similar to England, the park was very much a self-propelled event. By this I mean, the kids have to cycle to get the rides to go, or push or pull or climb. Nothing is motorized and the kids had a blast! This is the first overcast day we've had and it looked like it would rain all day but we got lucky and it held off. It was probably a good day to go to the park as a hot sunny day would have drawn much bigger crowds I'm sure. Lori (our GPS navigator that is) led us ... read more
Up, up and away!
Boing boingy

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem July 10th 2010

Hello everyone, good morning! Sorry about the delay in our first post...experiencing technical difficulties with the wifi on my iPod :( However!! We arrived to Amsterdam just before 7am local time (1am for us) on the 8th with less than an hour sleep on the plane for the night. From the airport we were overwhelmed by the number of locals who were eager and friendly in helping us in the right direction. We jumped a train, and found ourselves wandering the streets of Amsterdam while we waited for the locals to get out of bed and get us some bikes!! We found a small local bike rental (we'll have to send Rick Steves a message about his current recommended rental spot!) and we were on our way to explore the city. Maps on hand, we were ... read more

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