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April 19th 2016
Published: May 12th 2016
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First item on the agenda was to dump my bags and run to the beer festival that was going on just down the road. I was supposed to meet up with Bryan, the motorcycle across Africa guy, and Ike, German army dude, buuuuut neither of them showed up. I proceeded to find myself amidst a group of muricans and their old people banter fueled my buying of more tokens. Hahaha. This was a Mei Bock beer festival so most of the beers were higher abv and quite similar in their bockness, of which I am not a fan. Luckily I think I only saw one doppelbock, worst of all beers. Hahaha. There were a few brewers from England and majority of the rest were Dutch so that was cool to see all 35 products sourced locally and from maaaany unheard of breweries. So cool. I made my way back to the hostel and enjoyed some Hooegarden on tap which simply does not happen many places. Amazing heffeweisen and very easy to drink. Lower abv so it was a good plan to finish at the place where I sleep. Great first day!!! The next few days I made various rounds to museums, art galleries, breweries and even changed rooms twice all while not seeing those two jokers who said they would come visit. And the two Dutch boys from the overland tour were a mere 150 km away but somehow didn’t find the time to swing through. The one guy who did show up and hang out for 30 minutes was Hank; the gap year guy from Uganda. So that was nice. 1/5 aint bad. Lol…and with Jerry not coming through im starting to see a pattern here…shit

The rest of my time here was spent doing pretty much the same things I love to do anywhere…Go to museums and drink beer! Hahaha many different types of museums as I said before so there was no time to be bored with them AT ALL. Fun! And breweries galore…hit up the Heineken Experience for the third time in my life and I don’t even like that skunky geen water…no thank you. But being brewed into a beer is a fun experience I think everyone should go through. They have a 3D roller coaster thingy where the ground moves and they spray you with beer smells and water, etc. Its like Disneyland for beer lovers. Haha they also have a lot of interactive video things where you act out whatever and it shows up on a screen and then you can send it in an email to yourself or whoever’s email you have memorized lol. But again, really fun stuff. Went to a few other unique beer places and one did their own cheese and cured meats. Amazeballs. I did go on a tour where the guy was sooooo nonchalant about the tour it was really funny to watch! And there was a giant windmill nearby so I knew the place as the windmill brewery but turns out it has nothing to do with the beer! Hahaha…just the largest working windmill in Holland maybe…maybe I made that up. Idk…But I had a blast every moment even when I was a hair under the weather cuz it was so rainy and cold. I survived though so thank you Amsterdam for not disappointing yet again and making me think I could do another round sometime in the near future!

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12th May 2016

Beer Fesitval
Nice flight

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