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April 12th 2007
Published: April 12th 2007
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Amsterdam is an overwhelming, amazing city, with so much happening at once that its hard to catch a breath. The saying 'anything goes' certainly applies here, and it results in an absolute bizarre mix of cuilture and people. This was certainly higlighted when we did Randy Roys Red Light Tour- along with a mother and her two -20 year old sons, a young couple and a photographer from Canada. At one ... Read Full Entry

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The many sides of Amsterdam...The many sides of Amsterdam...
The many sides of Amsterdam...

Exotic Sex Theater and a sign (top right) that says 'God is in my Burgh'
At the Sex MuseumAt the Sex Museum
At the Sex Museum

Chez and the Flasher!
Willimijn and LauraWillimijn and Laura
Willimijn and Laura

Cousin Barbie's sister and best friend- lunch on the canal.
On Willimijns' roof top terraceOn Willimijns' roof top terrace
On Willimijns' roof top terrace

Charlie's Angels eat your heart out!!
When in Amsterdam...When in Amsterdam...
When in Amsterdam...

Cheese and clog farm

27th April 2007

All fun...
Great blog....loved that place especially the Green Greasshopper!!! Good to see you smiling and letting loose. Miss ya Bec x
28th April 2007

Yes, it's been a while, i'm sorry, been slack, wont come up with any lame , poor excuse for not adding comments lately, sorry! We'll seem's like conquering Japan wasn't enough, you have jet setted to the other side of the world to seed your seeds there! Haha! What has happened to my little innocent Payneham girl hey??? Sounds like you are having great time. Keep up the photos, they are always good for a laugh. I hope you made it to that destination when you were catching the train the other day/night when we msg'd each other, where was it again, Karkow???
28th April 2007

Proud Prude
Seriously, proud doesn't begin to describe it. When I said experience everything I probably was a little naive! But still proud Love Mum
30th April 2007

Wow!! Where did you find him? I'm sure he wasn't there when I went to Amsterdam (come to think of it, that was 25 years ago!!). Have you found anyone to buy you diamonds yet?? The Godmother in me was pleased to see that the highlights for you were fairly innocuouse...but I did wonder about the 85 year old "girl". I guess and old girl never dies she just........ Had a good holiday at Marion for salmon off the beach in the pouring rain. Slightly different to Amsterdam!! Lots of love Sheila
30th April 2007

Fantastic to hear of your wonderful adventures! What I'd do to be swapped places with you guys right about now. Hope you are living it up. Have a new email address as they cancelled the old uni one - serves me right for not making a new one sooner Keep the info coming I love it!
1st May 2007

Hey girlies, lovn the blog and the photos are awesome, i think maybe you girls (chez by the looks of it in the 'smart shop') sampled the local produce!!! keep up the great pics and yeah i do know what they say bout people with big feet...............big hands!! Love ya, bid xoxox
1st May 2007

how was the weed?
Awesome pictures as usual! You in the clogs and both of you on the penis is one for the grandkids though... Hey hoe come I didn't get notice of this did you take me off email alert!? Stay safe!
2nd May 2007

i havent taken you off my list!!!
so there!!!
4th May 2007

G'day aims!!!
hey sexy pants great to hear your having a great time! I love all your photos! Guess what- im heading to Aami to watch the crows play 2mor. wish u were cumin too!! Looks like your having the best time-live it up hall.miss u, luv u bec d xoxoxoxox
5th May 2007

Because you arent in Japan
Thats why I wont travel there anytime soon to take pics!!

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