The Canals of Netherlands

Published: March 27th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

The canalsThe canalsThe canals

Oooh!! This place is really cool! It would be so romantic in the late evening with that special someone.
Today was another late start. I am starting not to care though. Today Theresa and I were going to check out the 17th Century Canals.

Today I was taking the nap in the back and Theresa was driving. It took us about 40 minutes and it might have been sooner if we actually had any idea where we going. Since Theresa was driving she decided that we should just drive and when we saw the water we were there. When she had finally given up and asked me if I had the directions, I pulled out a slip of paper from my bag and passed it to her.

The canals were beautiful. I was pretty cool. I was a bit scared though, we almost tipped the whole boat thing. Theresa looked as if this was the tpe of thing that she did everyday.

After our exciting adventure Theresa and I grabbed some lunch. I have never in my life had this meal for lunch. We had some pancakes with ice-cream and mapple syrup. It was actually really good but I had to buy something else to eat for lunch though. I can't eat something that sweet for lunch.

After lunch, we walked around the canal area and had a look at the buildings around there. They looked really cool. They were designed differently from how they are designed now.

Theresa and I drove back to our hotel area after looking at those buildings. We walked around the shops there and looked at all the shops we missed out on before. I bought a couple of things. The shops around here were really cute. They were very village-type and botique type. Not metropollitin like I was used to. I still like dthe shops around here though, they were different and I liked change.

For dinner Theresa and I picked up a large mexicana pizza from The Pizzeria and ate in our hotel rooms. Today was a very calm and comfortable day and I liked it


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