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February 19th 2007
Published: February 19th 2007
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This is to be a super short entry because I'm missing some of the amazing partying currently going down here at my friend Phoebe's dorm, but I wanted to let everyone know that Derek and I DID make it to Maastircht, FINALLY, at 12:24am, after 5 trains, over 14 hours of travel, and every connection full of uncertainty. One thing's for sure, internet train schedules cannot be trusted, and neither can the schedules published in train stations or even those provided on the train itself. From now on, we'll get all our info directly from the train info people. It doesn't matter, though, we made it! And in one day, too, which was important because of our limited days of travel with our railpass.

I'll do a proper entry later, but Carnivale here is AMAZING!!! We went in to town briefly to buy costumes (I'm a bunny, though it's kind of lame) and the level of dress-up by everyone--young and old--is incredible. The music was pumping and everyone was having a great time, and that was at like 4 in the afternoon! We're having fun here right now, but we'll probably head in to town around 11, and it should be insane. Tomorrow should be even bigger since it's the last day. Fun!!! It's so great to have a home base with a "local" (sort of) who can introduce you to all this stuff. Plus, Phoebe is clearly the most fun person I know, so nothing could be better.

Honestly, I'm spending way too much time here and am being a complete hermit. I've got to get back to the party!


20th February 2007

That explains why you were on Skype this morning and didn't call me. I went to get a cup of coffee at 9 with the intention of calling you, but when I came back you were gone. Sounds like great fun, but anywhere Phoebe is, fun is just around the corner.

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