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July 22nd 2013
Published: June 29th 2017
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Are we in Holland still? Its been warm since our arrival last week. Not a drop of rain, and seldom a breath of wind. Another scorcher today for our trip to the Openluchtmuseum (Open Air Museum) with blue skies and 35C. Its an official heat wave in the Dutch newspapers. Todays morning routine was similar to yesterday. Up around 9.30, breakfast, and on the road around 11. It had been 7 years since my last visit to the openluchtmuseum. Much was the same style and layout, however with new features, buildings and improvements in some areas. The most notable new feature was our first stop at Holland Rama. This featured a cinema/theatre presentation different from any I had experienced before. What started as a standard film soon became more. The theatre was a moving capsule that moved and rotated. The film screen folded away to show displays, stages and structured scenes depicting the history of the Netherlands.
Next, another new feature with some flats, a pub and buildings relocated from Amsterdam. Next, we took the tram, and started a long walking tour of the openluchtmuseum which started with an amusing exhibition on 'collections'. It basically portrayed the Dutch as chronic hoarders. Not just of money or stamps, but so much more irregular and strange obsessions. There was a pipe collection, a guy with 13,000 money boxes, Polaroid cameras, Crucifix art and anything to do with the Royal family. If that's not weird enough, how about the guy who is in the Guinness book of records for collecting airplane vomit bags.
We continued with a walk through many reconstructed homes, farms, stores and buildings across the history of Holland. Each decorated as it would have been in its times, giving an insightful snapshot of the lives and stories of the people. There was an old mill, laundry, cheese factory, huts, rich farms, barnyard animals, a hospital, creepily lifelike wax mannaquins, old bike riding, a candy shop, bakery and more. We caught the last tram back to the entry around 5 and headed home, half melted.
Just like it was 7 years ago, after my trip to the openluchtmuseum, the same meal was served for dinner; Potato different. I think I enjoyed it at least as much as my last tasty experience in 2006. Ive decided against an evening bike ride today. I'm fairly exhausted, and tomorrow should be a big day. Were planning to spend it in Amsterdam.

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Just HoardingJust Hoarding
Just Hoarding

Looks like under dads house..
Creepy Wax Sculpture...Creepy Wax Sculpture...
Creepy Wax Sculpture...

Whats going on under the water?
Gezellig? Dire enough for you?Gezellig? Dire enough for you?
Gezellig? Dire enough for you?

Yes, its a dead wax baby.

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