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September 25th 2009
Published: December 2nd 2009
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Have you ever wanted to fly? Feel your body weightless, glide over the natural currents of the atmosphere around you.

Its feels almost unnatural, yet when I went kite surfing on Saturday, 8 August I did just that. It was via a travbuddy meetup that myself and 40 other hopefuls, from Dutch, to English hopefuls met up in Vlieland in the north of Friesland. Vlieland is an island part of the Friesislands and the second least populated municipality after Schiermonnikoog.

We were all from different backgrounds and different ages but with one common goal. We were going to become the best damn kite surfers there was. Ok well maybe give it a try but lets be all high and mighty while we are at it right?

We met early in the morning at Leeuwarden. I had couch surfed the night before with a really nice Dutch guy Henk. Henk was really laid back, having returned from a year trip round Australia recently, he was still full of the traveling spirit. His friend Mira was also staying and we had shared a really nice evening drinking wine and exploring everything from traveling to religion to house squatting.

The next morning I left a little too early for my liking, but still pumped to catch the travbuddies to go kiting. Martijn was also there - who had organized another travbuddy trip that I had done a few months ago, ice climbing in Den Haag. We had some really nice instructors who showed us the ropes and helped guide our kiting experience (basically when it came to my turn he spent most of the time trying to hold down my kite from skying away - with me attached). I got a good 1.5 metres up in the air.

We had a delicious lunch followed by a nice dinner in Leeuwarden. I had some drinks with the travbuddy’s and also Henk came and joined.

The next day I came to Ameland and hired a bike and explored the island before catching the train back to Amsterdam. Awesome weekend.

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