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October 14th 2009
Published: October 15th 2009
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The trip from Dubrovnik to Tirana was a 4 step 2 day trip along the coast of Montenegro to the Albanian border and then south to Tirana.

We left Dubrovnik very conveniently by cab when the cabbie offered a good price. The Croatian coastline south of Dub was more of the same small coves and turquoise sea. This day the squalls kept coming from the south. The cabbie pointed out the lack farms or factories in southern Croatia: another sign of war. Crossing into Montenegro this cabbie was with us until Herzog Novi bus station. His nerves were on edge due to a history of antagonisms between these folks and the Dubrovniks. Travel to Albania is notoriously ill-defined through here. The first "quote" for our trip through to Albania border was €100 but we went with the local bus for €18! When the driver was ready we headed off and we had great seats for one of the rides of our life. The southern Montenegro coast is beautiful with mountains rising directly from the sea, fjord-like inlets, picturesque little villages clinging to the shore and guys fishing from rowing boats. The road hung on the waters edge. Of course mussel aquaculture buoys compromised the calendar photo a little but still lovely. We wound our way through Bar and Kotor and finished the day at Ulcinj near the Albanian frontier. Believe it or not we accepted that night's accommodation and the next day's ride from the first cabbie we met at the bus station. The actual details of ownership and occupancy of this homestay was impossible to determine but nonetheless It was clean and secure: enough. We had heard of the beaches and so we set off for the ~1km walk which became 2 and then 3 as we sought out "Miami" beach. We've really never seen anything to compare to this, other than perhaps a Brazilian beach out of season. Black sand, roped-off enclosures, trash and left beach chairs, stray dogs - Surfers Paradise after Armageddon 😊. Still it was quiet and the water was clean. Apparently this is a famous resort for Albanians and that ethnic minority from Kosovo. At times 30,000 people fill the place. This day 15 people and a Kilo-dog. Ate in town proper and prepared for the Albanian excursion.

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