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12th August 2017

Sir vacancy kab niklegi muje judana h
7th June 2016

Congratulations on completing the Camino...
I like the picture of all the waling sticks!
7th June 2016

Vicarious Camino
Thanks Bob. I will be keen to follow you adventures also. Greg
6th June 2016

Very good pics. Great experience....Sore feet?.
6th June 2016

Which bits were sore?
For me it was my knee. For Catherine it was her toes. Everyone we met had a story of some annoyance but it was mostly taken in stride. Bigger things to think about. Thanks for reading and checking out our photos. GH
27th May 2016

Who so beset him round with dismal stories Do but themselves confound - his strength the more is. No foes shall stay his might; though he with giants fight, He will make good his right to be a pilgrim.
31st May 2016

...To be a pilgrim.
Yes Dad that particular hymn has a great deal more meaning for us now that we have completed the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. We spent yesterday in the cathedral that was built over many centuries to celebrate and venerate the remains of Saint James, but also to accomodate the spiritual needs of millions of Christian pilgrims. We have been to Rome, but this place demonstrates the significance of shared faith more clearly. One day soon we will go to Jerusalem to complete the three major pilgrimages. More soon...
26th May 2016

What a coincidence...
I'll be walking the Way in September. Buen Camino!
27th May 2016

It is as described...
EVen though there are lots of people walking beside us, the camaraderie is as described and we are really enjoying the walks. The Albergues are a treat: taking some bad against a lot of good.
26th May 2016

What a challenge this walk is!
Hi Cath and Greg. What an amazing thing to do - but then again you two do amazing things together. Looking forward to pictures and the continuing saga. Take care Ed xx
25th May 2016

A great route march eh!. If you were a centipede you would have 100 feet to ache. Ha ha.
23rd February 2016

Wonderful Experience
Seems you people really had a great experience on the toy train ride and in the Queen of Hills itself. Agreeably, the place is a destination to be covered by everyone. The charm of nature and local culture is awesome. We visited Ooty recently and here is a glimpse of our trip:
22nd August 2015

well don't leave us hanging!
Just found the blog again - loving the stories! And how was the hike in the end? xx
22nd August 2015

Blogging logistics
Thanks Jill! We have had an excellent tour. In fact we are now on the homeward journey. We have written the blog entries and they will be posted over the next little while - wifi permitting. The photos will come later. I guess the ubiquitousness of wifi means the only Internet cafe business, complete with USB compatible machines, is disappearing. Enjoy your own travels!
31st July 2015

Tough start
Sorry to hear your holiday got off to such a disappointing start. Surely things can only improve, as they seemed to do for your stopover in LA. I'm inferring that your health hasn't been the best, Greg? Better take it easy in the fevered swamps of Central America! We'll look froward to reading the next instalment. Ian & Roslyn.
22nd February 2014

Great photos and stories girls! Wish I was still with you. Love The other half of GregCath
9th February 2014

Places visited map...
you should paste the link on your Profile page where everyone can see it. Then delete this blog. If you need help, there are instructions but you can also ask again on the Forum.
12th February 2014

Thanks for your help Bob. Greg
17th January 2014

Looking forward to the next installment
16th January 2014

Train journey looks terrific.......Is the Curry HOT!!?. How are the "La-fa-Etta's handling the heat?.
11th January 2014

Tuk Tuk
I would like a pic of you both in a Tuk Tuk. The other pics are very comprehensive and atmospheric. Good travelling.
12th January 2014

Tuk tuk
Thanks Dad. We'll try to add extra photos later this evening. Morning your time. G&C
9th January 2014

Food is good
All sounding great thus far but didn't think the blog title was that accurate - expected detailed descriptions and many photos of spices, juices dribling down chins etc. But maybe that will come later. Keep having fun!
10th January 2014

All about the food
Thanks Ed and Dave. We'll put some more actual food shots in the next instalment. Cheers G&C

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