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6th January 2013

Loving your England Xmas blogs
Hi Cath, Greg and Elise Love these pictures and comments. Keep having fun Ed and Dave xx
4th January 2013

hello from the Netherlands
Dear Harpers, Happy New Year. Great to see you enjoyed your time in London, you followed our footsteps from the previous week visiting all the same sites. We did leave a message for Elise however did not hear back so assumed she was busy at work and getting ready to see her family - v exiting for you all. Flying to Bordeaux tomorrow and driving up the north coast before heading to Paris. Hope you are all well. xo The Heaths
4th January 2013

Great travels
Great to hear from you. Elise didn't receive your message so sorry about that. We are in Eperney visiting champagne houses. Back to Paris tomorrow and then overnight train to Salzburg for a week skiing in Austria. Absolutely brilliant travelling with Elise again. Enjoy travelling yourselves and we will see you in good old Brisbane in the not too distant future. love GC&E
29th August 2012

happy birthday
thank you Greg and Catherine for your marvellous description of your climb and the whole experience, what a lovely place to celebrate your birthday, happy homecoming!! Lucinda
29th August 2012

Jenny Craig
Looks like this workout was just as effective, but more scenic
18th August 2012

Hi Greg and Catherine We have been reading your blogs. Really well written and making us very jealous! The Galapagos sounded super, look forward to hearing more. Had a nice sail on the Ekka holiday, over 100 boats out! cheers Blair and Denise
6th August 2012

Deleriously wonderful
I really appreciated the descriptions of the intense and proliferic wildlife on the Galapagos. Did you feel inebriated by the sheer wonder of it. While mild in comparison it remonded me a little pf several days spent pver 20 uears ago in a very remoteart pf Kangaroo Island. Regards Christone
5th August 2012

What a trip
Hi guys What an incredible trip you are having...but there again you rarely go for the conventional tourist scene. Keep safe and well. Ed x
5th August 2012

great to follow your trip
hi Greg and Catherine, looks fabulous, your trip, and especially the Galapagos. now i have read your exchange with your dad below, understand about the salt. hope your are getting fit cheers Bryan and Lucinda
2nd August 2012

Planting the flag
Well folks what an experience so far. It would be interesting to know where all that salt came from, and when?. You must realize by now that this endurance trip was better done now than in 10 years time. You two planting the flag is reminiestant of the famous pic of"Hill 109" WW11 by the U.S.. As a butcher I must ask ,"do they eat the Lamas?. Keep your wits about you out there at all time. Good hunting. C/ya, Dad.
2nd August 2012

latest blog
Thanks for following and commenting on the blog Dad. I guess you are enjoying it. The salt accumulated on the Salar because millions of years ago it was actually under the sea. With shifts in continents and uplift of mountain ranges, it ended up at 3000m above sea level. The salt water simply dried up. Yes we are eating Llama when it is available. Its a bit like veal. Yes also trying to keep our wits about us. Several stories to tell when we get home. Heading out for dinner and some Bolivian music tonight. G&C
31st July 2012

Tough going eh?
Shall I contact Bear Grills?. Good luck,
From Blog: La Paz to Oruro
27th July 2012

I had more time today to absorb the detail in your Blog. Very Interesting.
26th July 2012

Money well spent
G'day folks, Photos turned up great. Covering commentary very interesting.
22nd July 2012

Roger to that mate, Safe travelling, C/ya.
22nd July 2012

Short camerman
Bon voyage
22nd July 2012

Goodluck with the climb
Hi G&C Wow as usual you are getting into the thick of it all. Hope that the altitude does not prove too much!! Look foward to the next blog. E&D
18th July 2012

High Definition
Looks interesting and very different. Photos in great colour.
15th July 2012

So looking forward to following your travels. Am thinking it will save me a whole lot of research and planning for our trip! Just forward your itinerary through when your done. Have a blast. LA xx
15th July 2012

What!, no Rodento Bake?. Be interesting how the Locals themselves live?.....In-house ect.

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