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Europe » Macedonia » Bitola March 9th 2020

My guesthouse owner gave me a small breakfast before leaving. I had coffee and polenta with cheese. After eating quite a lot of polenta in Romania and finding it pretty bland, I wasn't expecting it to be amazing. However, my hostess has found a way to make it more appetising, by adding cheese. It tasted so much better. After breakfast, I made my way to Ohrid bus station and bought a ticket for the 10 o'clock bus to Bitola. I was quite surprised at how busy the bus was. I had expected it to be quieter. The journey to Bitola only took about an hour and a bit. Bitola bus station is a little out of town and it took me about twenty minutes to walk to my accommodation. I got there before check in, but ... read more
Heraklea Linkestis
Heraklea Linkestis
Heraklea Linkestis

Europe » Macedonia » Bitola August 28th 2015

Today we went up into the mountains in Pelister National Park. We'd planned to walk up, but unfortunately there were limited number of guides available (it's a holiday for Orthodox Christians), and no easy way up to the trails without one, so we joined a jeep trip to the top instead. Definitely a lower effort way to climb a mountain! The road was built in WW1(when the area was on the front line), and hadn't aged well, but our driver expertedly picked as smooth a path as seemed to exist in a jeep that was still got strong with more than 300,000km on the clock! The views from the top are spectacular, including a good view of Lake Prespa which stretches across Greece, Albania and Macedonia. Open street map had good details of many of the ... read more
The big lake
View towards Albania and Greece

Europe » Macedonia » Bitola August 27th 2015

Today we have done a whistlestop tour through Macedonian history. We started off at the Roman ruins at Heraklea - this was a large town in its heyday, and only a small proportion has been excavated. However, there's an amphitheatre, religious buildings and some baths that you can wander around and some really impressively preserved mosaics. It would have been really quiet without a Japanese tour group there! Tickets, in contrast to the prices in our guidebook, we're just 100MKD per person, plus 300 for photos. We then walked back to the town of Bitola - about 15 minutes away, via the station where we found out that there is indeed a train to Skopje, despite the appearance of the station from outside. Our plan is to take the train in a couple of days' time, ... read more
Mosaic at Heraklea
View from the amphitheater at Heraklea

Europe » Macedonia » Bitola August 26th 2015

We left the lake at Ohrid, taking a taxi to the bus station and then the bus on to Bitola. The bus took about 90 mins, climbing up through mountains. On arrival in Bitola we got another taxi to Dihovo. The whole day's transport cost less than £7 between us! We'll be heading back to Bitola tomorrow to have a look around, but we're staying at Villa Dihovo. It's really highly rated by Lonely Planet and others, and we can see why - it's a big old house, with really nice furniture in our room carved out of interesting-shaped pieces of wood. The family who own the place are really friendly, and there's a nice garden with a hammock! They also grow lots of their own food, and tonight's dinner was delicious and accompanied by a ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Bitola August 14th 2015

Today was an interesting day. Following breakfast we set off and stopped just on the outskirts of town for Gus to grab a coffee. We ordered the drinks and an old guy wandered in to the cafe. He looked well out of sorts and we soon realised that every day he would get his shopping and then come to the cafe and sit in the same seat. The exact same seats that we were now in. Well today wasn't going to be any different and he pulled up his chair huffing and puffing that two intruders had upset his daily routine. lol (see photo). Whilst at the cafe a random Merc illegally parked outside which was right next to the roundabout and just next to the pedestrian crossing. A few minutes later the Police pulled up ... read more
Random checks
The road is in the distance lol
Tired turtle

Europe » Macedonia » Bitola August 13th 2015

Got up for breakfast and whilst wandering around bumped in to Silvano an Italian touring cyclist who had just arrived in Resen from Ohrid. What took Gus and I 7 hours he'd done in 2 hours lol. He invited us for a beer and it's rude not to accept so at 8.30 am we had beer for breakfast. Always a good start to the day! He was interesting and knowledgable about different cycling routes especially those in Europe. He was currently cycling the route of the first crusaders. After breaky we wished him well, not that he needed it as each of his legs were the size of my waist. Gus and I went to the supermarket as it was difficult to find a cafe that served breakfast. Following a tin of tuna we packed and ... read more
Right seat - wrong time
Random checks
The road is in the distance lol

Europe » Macedonia » Bitola July 18th 2014

I came here a bit on a whim, in order to see another Macedonian town. It's pretty cute and I really liked the guesthouse where I stayed.... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Bitola May 22nd 2013

More Mercedes Benz or Porches than you'll ever see in your lifetime. Welcome to Albania! I knew so little about this region before cycling through this amazing country just 5 days ago, where loyalty and integrity amongst the men rules above all else. I have cycled on the motorway, handled a loaded gun given to me by a student in an internet cafe and witnessed unscrupulous amounts of money being flaunted as the latest luxury cars drive through the streets of the capital Tirana. But before I carry on let me wind back just a couple of weeks to when I left the beautiful city of Sarajevo.... Just 20 km south of the Bosnian Capital, whilst stopping to take a photograph, I was asked to join Rafik and his Muslim family for a coffee. I had ... read more
Let me play you a tune
Redbull Emergency

Europe » Macedonia » Bitola June 30th 2012

Geo: 41.011, 21.3422Yesterday's delays getting into Bitola meant that there would be no time to check out either Pelister National Park, or the mountain hamlet of Dihovo. Though Bitola isn't a big tourist destination for foreigners, staying around for the day was definitely tempting after arriving yesterday evening, and seeing the cool cafe culture in Bitola's pedestrian zone, Sirok Sokak. I don't think there was a single Bitolan at home last night, and they were all either sitting at a cafe, or strutting their stuff, dressed to kill.Though Bitola is a little bit cooler than the Tikves region, I still wanted to get an early start on the day before things started roasting - even at 10 AM, temperatures were starting to climb into the high 20s, so the sooner the better to take the long ... read more
Ruins of Heraclea Lyncestis ...
Incredibly Well-Preserved Mosaic ...
Even the Donkeys Suffer from Heat Exhaustion!

Europe » Macedonia » Bitola June 29th 2012

Geo: 41.04, 21.34"How's your wifey?" Huh? Is he talking to me? "How's your wifey?" He must be, no one else is in the hotel's breakfast room. But who the hell is my wifey? Oh, wait ... how's my wi-fi!!! Pretty good!So began the conversation with Gary, a tourist from Sweden, but not the typical tourist, as I would soon learn while he conversed fluently in Macedonian with the waitress. Though he hasn't lived here in decades, he still comes back yearly for vacations with his son, and was curious as to why I was traveling through Macedonia.Not overly popular with foreign tourists, and probably not popular at all with others of my yellow-Asian-ass ilk, it was a legitimate question, with Gary first assuming I was here on business. I suppose I am here on business, if ... read more
Beautiful Park in Bitola's Centre
Bitola's Clock Tower
Bitola, Renowned in Macedonia for Its Architecture

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