Just a regular guy that cycles around the world with his mate.

In 1992 two guys met through having a common interest in the effects of gravity on the body. What started as a few casual skydives from 12000ft out of Hercules and Caribou led to a lifelong friendship.

Recent travels include Malaysia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Australia, America, Canada, Taiwan and Tasmania.

These blogs will reflect the adventures of Gus and Rick during their cycling trips.
As you'll see I've added an old blog in order to get my head around how to use this site. The larger photos have a weird title which is a function of the blog and not my writing skills.

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent June 16th 2017

Up at 0600 hrs and caught the bus in to Gent from the camp ground. Previously we'd seen a lot of mole hill but no moles however as we were walking through the park we saw a magpie attacking a small furry creature which turned out to be a mole. Well Gus and I rescued it returned it to the grassy area where it could hide. Sight seeing on Gent is great. Heaps of historic buildings. See photos and short comments.... read more
St Bravo's Cathedral
Inside St Bavo's  Cathedral
The Belfry

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent June 15th 2017

Up early as usual and breakfast at the hotel. Bob and Fran joined us. With panniers packed Gus and I attempted to program the GPS devices much to the amusement of Bob. We eventually got it sorted and after bidding farewell to Bob, Fran, Bec and John we set off. Always sad to say goodbye to my brother but not as bad as usual this time. He's a legend in my eyes. The track went under the river through a tunnel but the majority of the ride was on dedicated cycle tracks which were a mixture of beautiful tracks, dirt tracks and teeth rattling cobble stone roads which not only rattled your fillings but also the Crown Jewels. Ah well! Not much call for those anyway whilst I'm overseas. Had a few operator errors with the ... read more
On route
Riding through the wind farm.

Europe » Belgium » Antwerp Province » Antwerp June 14th 2017

Up at 0545 hrs although a slow start for others in the group due to an overdose of Belgium anaesthetic. I wandered around the local area and later in the morning Gus and I did the laundry. Following this it was a trip to the Antwerp Central Station to look at the 19th century architecture with Bob and Gus. Stunning building. We then met Fran and went to Middleheim park area to look at a few unusual sculptures with Bob and Fran. Nice place where you could spend hours and still not see everything. Fairly chilled day wandering around town.... read more
Sculpture park
Sculpture park
Fox"s Glacier mint (for the poms)

Europe » Belgium » Antwerp Province » Antwerp June 13th 2017

Up early due to the excitement of going to Antwerp and meeting Bob, my brother. We'd previously bought some ham for breakfast so it was a matter of grabbing a warm French stick and some orange juice from the local 7/11. Gus and I sat and watched the locals going to and from work whilst having breakfast. Quite a sight really given that some ladies were on their way home after night shift. This was followed by Gus complaining about his haircut and the fact he now looked like Tin Tin but at least he'd got his monies worth even if his comb was now redundant and he wouldn't need another haircut for about four months. Gus and I had preprogrammed our Garmin GPS devices to take us to Antwerp when we were in Australia but ... read more
On route from Brussels
Flanders fields of poppies
Poppy fields

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels June 12th 2017

Gus woke up and moaned about having a headache. We can only put it down to dehydration caused by the long flight and will refute any allegation that it was due to the 8 pints of local beer we guzzled after flying for 22 hours. We walked up the street and bought some ham at the butchers and a French stick for breakfast. The bread in Europe seems so much tastier than that in Melbourne. After breakfast we a walked in to the city centre for a bit of sight seeing. places of interest included: Place de Saint Catherine, built over the foundations of a 14th century church and consecrated in 1874. Grand Place. Magnificent square surrounded by old buildings. A UNESCO World Heritage area and for good reason. Obviously a hub for tourism. Gus and ... read more
Grand Place in Brussels
Grand Place in Brussels (2)
Grand Place

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje August 20th 2015

Taxi from the hostel to the airport was uneventful. Arrived at the airport and upon checking in found out we happened to stumble across the "baggage police with PMT". First of all I was grilled as to how I got in the country with my large bike case. Then after numerous phone calls by the check in woman to an unknown person I had to put my case on the scales. Phew 29 kgs! 1kg under the allowed weight. Next was my hand luggage. Definitely one piece only which we'd seen earlier, so my small back pack was now inside my carry on. 6.9 kgs. 0.1 kg under the allowed weight. I'd witnessed people putting on a pair of jeans at the counter to get under. Sadly Gus was next! He lifted his 32 kg case ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje August 18th 2015

Early start. The road started flat but then went up for an eternity. It was quite amusing really and as though Macedonia was saying "cop this" for your last day. The road later descended and went alongside a lake. We stopped at 1000 am at a small shop for a drink. A group of four locals were already in to their second beer. It was a steady ride in to the capital and fairly uneventful. Gus was nearly taken out by a random driver when he turned right but generally it was a quiet day. We arrived at the hostel which had stored our bike cases and booked in. The riding in this country has finished. Macedonia is a place of beauty and hills but it's spoiled by rubbish everywhere. The people are friendly and the ... read more
Gardenia Hotel and spa
Hotel entrance at night
Hotel gardens

Europe » Macedonia » Kavardarci August 17th 2015

Kavadarci! Service is optional at the hotel we stayed at in Kavadarci. OMG TV had intermittent sound, sockets hanging out of the wall, sink which wobbled, shower at waist height. It was meant to be up market. I'd say it was up the shit! That's an Australian term meaning below average. When you sit down for dinner the first thing you get is an ash tray. 20 minutes later they may return to see if you want a drink or a menu. It's at this stage you should strike with the speed of a cobra and order anything you might need as the chance of a reappearance is pretty bloody slim. When we booked in there was a lot of chatter to determine if they had a room. In reality we were the only guests. Our ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Kavardarci August 16th 2015

The ride out of town was over a mountain range which locals stated was unridable on a bike. It wasn't that bad. 10 kms long and uphill. The ride down the otherwise was lengthy. At one stage a small orange Zavstava car (variable noise ... constant speed) was along side of me and I thought he wanted a chat. He didn't! He was flat out and couldn't get enough speed up to overtake lol. I put the brakes on so he could get past. We past a number of locals riding various modes of transport. All more than willing for a photo. Lol. We met a goat herder taking his herd for a walk. His dog wasn't much use but looked cute so it got my vote. On arrival at Kavadarci the reviews of the hotels ... read more
Donkey carrying wood
Hotel sign
White marble quarries

Europe » Macedonia August 15th 2015

Gus and I had a spare day up our sleeves and were impressed with Prilep so decided to stay an extra day. Following breakfast we walked in to town and looked around the old bazaar market and at a Mosque which had been burnt down many years ago under questionable circumstances. The clock tower in the old bazaar was Macedonia's answer to the Leaning tower of Piza. (See photo). The clock tower was built in 1825. From there we walked to the foot of the Marko Towers which is a range of hills outside town and decided to climb them in 30c + just to relax. Lol. There are some old ruins at the top which were nice. From the top we worked out a short cut to the hotel and followed it home to the ... read more
City Square
Water feature
Prilep Central Square

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