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Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 18th 2008

We drove into Latvia from Vilnius - the border crossing was very easy as both Lithuania and Latvia are signed up to the Schengen Agreement. Our first stop in Latvia was in Rundale, near to the town of Bauska. Here we had a look around Pilsrundale, a baroque palace that was designed by the same person as the Winter Palace in St Petersburg. Whilst we were driving through the countryside in Lithuania and Latvia we saw a lot of storks, but were quite amused to find that some had built their huge nest right on top of the palace at Rundale! From Rundale, we travelled further north to Riga, the capital. We really liked Riga's old town and the freedom monument, which we had a good view of from our hotel! One thing we weren't quite ... read more
With the famous Riga Balsam... yuk!
By the sea at Jurmala

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 15th 2008

Ok, well yesterday we got into Riga, Latvia. It took around 2 hours to clear the Russian and Latvian Borders, we even had a sniffer dog come onto the bus, that was pretty cool. We finally got to Riga at around 6:30pm after going through road works basically the whole way here. Thank god I got some sleep on the bus so time didn't seem so long. It was Rach's birthday yesterday too, so we all went out last night and got pretty drunk, was a good night though and remember everything so I mustn't of been too bad lol, I remember dancing on the podium hehe. Things are so cheap here, I got out 100 lats (the currency here, equivelent to about $180 I think) had dinner and drinks last night and it only cost ... read more
Me and Rach on the podium
Woody and me, no idea where the hat came from!
Me and Darren looking pretty smashed! lol

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 13th 2008

Ahhh.... Finally am enjoying my free time in a comfortable and unusually empty Riga International Airport and am about to head down to Istanbul, Turkey. But before then, a few comments about my past 2 weeks in the former Soviet Union. Russian have a US-Complex. They must aim their conversation toward political demise, which takes effort to steer clear off. Bush bashing is to be expected, but they seem to think I'm an official US representative (probably first American they've seen in years) and thus express years of internal frustions to me. A general advice to anyone planning to use Russian Train Terminals: Give yourself ample time and be prepared to stand in long-lines and then be told you are in a wrong line and repeat the process all over again. (I missed 3 trains because ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 10th 2008

Letonya'ya gitmeye kış aylarında İstanbul-Riga arası bulduğumuz ucuz uçak biletleri sonrası karar verdik. Biletlerimizi birkaç ay önceden aldık. 18 Mayıs'ta Denizli'de 31 Mayıs'ta İstanbul'da olmak üzere iki düğünden sonra balayında dinlenmek ve yeni yerler görmek için güzel bir yer seçtiğimizi düşünüyorum. 7 Haziran Cumartesi günü ilk defa gündüz saatlerinde uçağa binerek yola çıktık. Riga'ya vardığımızda oldukça küçük, çok sessiz bir hava alanında bulduk kendimizi. İstanbul'un kalabalığı ve karmaşasından sonra Riga çok sessiz ve sakin geldi. Bir shuttle bus ile otelimize vardık. Elizabetes Iela'daki otelimiz Reval Hotel Latvija çatı katındaki barı, saunası ile bizim için hostellerden sonra yurt dışında kaldığımız en lüks konaklama yeriydi. Odamıza yerleştikten sonra pencereden dışarı baktığımızda ... read more
sensation white party
özgürlük anıtı
artnuva tarzı binalar

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 6th 2008

Last night in Riga and we figured that we'd definitely have to add a new entry before we catch the bus to Poland tonight. After the worlds craziest ferry trip, we managed to arrive safely in Riga and after a much needed nap, caught a few of the sites that Riga's old town has to offer. Basically alot of parks, Orthodox Churches, and bridges that have locks all over them (cool little Latvian marriage tradition). Friday night was spent out with some people in our hostel, 3 aussies, one austrian, and one spaniard, all really cool people. We even managed to meet some of the locals, impressing them with our knowledge of Latvian hockey players (did you even know that hockey was the number one sport in Latvia? Neither did we), so much to the point ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 6th 2008

Since I've subscribed a whole lot of you marvellous people back home to my blog, I have to be extra good at writing interesting stuff. So lets start with what I am best at - complaining Copenhagen Airport: Usually one of my all time favorite places. The atmosphere of people going away on holiday, bustling around in long lines while chatting about things to do at their destination point and of people arriving, being welcomed with (perhaps too many) Danish flags and kisses and hugs. But today I didn't like it. As CPH becomes larger and as more and more companies do their entrance with cheap and low budget flights the turmoil comes, and gone is the fascinating atmosphere of traveling. I had ordered my ticket with AirBaltic, going to Riga at 8.40. Two desks were ... read more
View of Riga
Latvian weddingpictures
the business man and the musician

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 5th 2008

After much toing and froing and some travelling and a short plan flight we managed to get ourselves from Bratislava in Slovakia to Riga in Latvia. Riga has some good and bad reputation the good is that it is an awesome place to visit with a great old town full of old buildings and is realy small so you can see it all just by wandering around for a few hours. The bad is that with the advent of cheap airlines it has become a major port of call for Bucks/stag nights and hen night from all over Europe who are only interested in getting drunk and making a mess of what otherwise would be one of the best cities to visit in Europe. We arrived and quickly headed out to discover what surely has to ... read more
Latvian Freedom monument
City Moat
Bridge of locks

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 4th 2008

Hey everyone, since our last entry there have been many exciting events. After leaving Carl in Skovde we took the train to Goteburg and did the usual touristy boat rides, sightseeing things. There is a massive zoo in the center of town with a zoo, animal rides, patios and a frisbee gold course that jord gave dave a free lesson on. The operater even told him, and this is a direct quote, "You should keep playing, maybe one day you could be Canadian world champion." Dream big folks. After seeing three cities in Sweden we have reached a few conclusions, 1) Half of the cities are parks 2) Swedish moms must get government grants to hit the gym after they have their kids and 3) if you're friendly in bars you could end up having rows ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 2nd 2008

Hola queridos amigos tiempos sin escribirles pero bueno esta vez me desquitare, el blog de esta quincena se dividirá en dos partes la primera parte el viaje que hice a Riga en Latvia y la segunda parte el viaje que hice a Estocolmo y Upsala en Suecia, bueno la verdad que tuvimos un fin de semana largo en Lituania y con los compañeros del apartamento decidimos emprender una nueva aventura claro estas aventuras son algo planeadas porque hay que hacer varias cosas por lo menos un mes antes, lo primero es buscar la oportunidad (fin de semana largo) segundo ahorrar para el viaje, tercero reservar los tiquetes del bus, tren o avión y hostel con tiempo, cuarto empezar a buscar mapas y definir a que sitio que se quiere ir cuando se esta allá además de ... read more
casa de Blackheads
casa de Blackheads
El gran y pequeño gremio

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga June 28th 2008

OK, so went out with about 10 people last night to some beer garden where the beers were only 1 Lat. That is as good as it gets here--which is about $2.20, but they are very big. Had a lot of them and watched the stag parties going crazy with drinking games. We also met some Latvian girls who were fairly interesting--just very different culture to say the least. I never met the lady from Maine for dinner, just had some Russian dumplings at the beer garden--and more coming home at 2:30am. Good and cheap. That is real Russian food there--filling and meat and/or veggies inside. Got some different kinds, but who knows what was inside. Will be back two more times today I am sure. Well, like I said, should have only done 2 nights ... read more

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