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May 20th 2002
Published: October 20th 2006
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After arriving by train, I found myself stranded, with a cabbie telling me for 10 euros he'll take me the 6 kilometers (he told me 3 times how far it was) to enna. Not this cat. I could see 5, but 10? that's a rip. So I asked at the station if it was ok to leave my back pack there (as that usually works out ok) and with my little day pack started the hike up the hill.... wow..... awesome sicilian countryside. needed that after 4 days in Palermo, 4 days in naples, and 2 days in rome. Hmmm, but it's a looooooooong ways up the hill to Enna... but finally, after about a 1/2 mile, thumbing it along the way, got a ride. the guy refused to take the 5 euros I offered him.

Started my trek around Enna. As I headed up a street, I reached around to make sure everything was in order, let's see, did I have my head screwed on right? Where was my wallet? IT was GONE! The guy who gave me the ride... did I leave it on the seat? Did he pull a FAST one? Panic gripped me, as I realized I had lost my wallet... my cash and credit cards. Did it fall out on the street when I got out of the car? Would it be in the street where the car let me off? I ran there in a sweat, hoping against hope that it was sitting there in plain sight. It wasn't. And then I realized my head wasn't screwed on tight enough. When I took my wallet out to offer 5 euros to the driver I quickly stuffed it in my front pocket. My mistake. I hope no one was watching. Would have been another blot for the Ugly American.

Then, on the return trip, after talking to half a dozen people and getting half a dozen different answers about getting back to the train station in time to get to Catania to make my flight connection, I decided to thumb it again. Old hippies never die..... they just keep thumbin' it !!

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