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October 11th 2013
Published: October 11th 2013
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What role do women play in this society?Do they have equality?If not, what discrimination do women in this country face? In Italy all the people have the right to talk to what ever they wont like freedom of speaking to someone else to speak to others to ammmunicate and etc. In Italy many people speacially women are very strick laws that say why theres alot of discrimination against women Italy because of how men and women were different men in Italy were more reliable to have freedom in there society they are free compared to womens in Italy. The equal rigths that men have is way different to one women have in Italy because they get a treatment like men have responbilities while in the other hand women's treatment is way different they have problems as many of them say they have been in sexual harassment and violence against women. Since, this equal rigths men receive that is very un fair to when compared to the treatment women get in Italy there has been reports on how they have change the equal rigths since so much discrimination against women but the main problem that still occcurs would the the role women play in the family. In other words the role in workplace in there families is diiferent to mens because that discrimination problem has not resolved and still contunies to grow in discrimination. Also how they unpower women would have when it caimed to political parties wer they had a different role played in the political parties , but the resources that prevented the women in Italy to use them when nedded .‎


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