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September 27th 2013
Published: September 27th 2013
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What is the domiant religion in , and how does this faith differ from other world religions ? What beliefs or ideas make this religion unique ? Overall, I would say that in Italy its domiant religion has faith that differ from other world religions because not every country is the same like in Italy is way different compared to the US we have goverments,democrats, but in Italy is different they have seators that decide the new president every two years. Also I would say that Italy has a different religion compared to the world because they are not into religions like catholic,christians that type of religions is differ in Italy because they have way different type of religion they have people who believe in one god only instead of chatolics believe in more than one god. In addition, I would also say that in italy they have way differen beliefs as how explained they believe in one god and they have different beliefs and ideas that help to make this religions they have a different culture › WorldCountriesItaly In Italy they have way different culture compraed to other country and places in the world as they have religion which help them create a culture of a group of people and they type of sports they play in Millan Italy they have very proffesional players that play for the country's soccer team which has won alot of victory's since the year of 1987. Also the type of people or clothes they were help them to make there culture different from others in the US it is divided into different type odf cultures that we have mexicicans,asians , americans,etc but in Italy it is usually broken into places like Millan which is very famous for its soccer tem called A.C Millan which creates a big part of Italy's culture has sports and usually people wear clothes to support the team A.C Millan . In addition I would say Religion would have the most impact in Italy's culture since it difer from other places in the world in Italy they believe differently .


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