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September 13th 2013
Published: September 13th 2013
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Civilations undergo POLITICAL state building through expansion and conflict. Conflict leads to new political structures ? ‎‎ In Italy the goverment is chaned since the year of 1947 because it has had an effect on the year of 1948 because of reelection they usually have people named voter and regions who usually are from different districts who chose the next president for the contry of Italy. Although, theres other people before the goverment and they are in charge for chossing the people in charge to be the goverment which are called prime ministers.In addition , they have people before the prime ministers who are picked to be and they are usually in charge of almost every thing but they are called the member of the cabinet , but they are approved by the parliment not elected or choisen. Also then the president relies on the cabinet for embracing the laws to approve them. The goverment of Italy ususally is different to the U.S because here many people are the voters that are from different types of districts like in the united states they have districts like back of the yards district would usually have voters to vote for elections and relection like president obama president of the united stated.In Italy the president is different they usualy are elected by the cabinets that approved the parliment and then they have the senates who are more power than the cabinets they are in charge of taking over a president's job if something were to happen to the president in Italy compared to U.S they would use the cabinets since they are second job to the president's job of making the laws the cabinets approve them.


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