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May 23rd 2012
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Ok ok lots to tell

But first, to fully enjoy this blog, go to iTunes and throw on the song red red wine. It's fitting.

We haven't had wifi in a looooong time so forgive the far and between blogs

Shout out to Drew Todd, Patty Amell, and Bryce Bowness who are big fans of my blog.

I did, however, realize that it was may long back home and I hope everyone had a fun and SAFE time.

Ben stang, mike friederici, im talking to you

Also Brody pointed out that I didn't say that during the P party, we turned it into a T party. The T's chant took over the dance floor numerous times.

So we went to barcelona and let me start out by saying it is massive. Everyone is moving fast everywhere. Not really for me, although the nightlife was awesome!

Chris made me crush some absinthe and the night became a blur. I do know that I ended up passing out in the cab ride home in the front seat only to wake up to four Aussies with shit eating grins pulling me out and they carried me to my room... Aussies...

I lost my credit card that night... Ugh

Next morning we packed up and hit the road to Nice (pronounced neece)

Very cool.

Ended up trying frogs legs for the first time. Tastes like chicken.. Seriously

We have now officially introduced the smironoff ice game to the Australians. Unfortunately for Steve it has backfired for him as he attempted to sleep under the stars that night.

All in the spirit of may long.

He did earn dick of the day honors for this

The next day we woke up early and traveled to an authentic perfume laboratory.

For the 2 ladies in my life I picked up some bonafide perfume, none of that fake eau de toilette shit.

Sorry dad there was no kind of musk that said to me "what are ya pushin"

Unfortunately for me it costed me my days spending money so I needed a couple of sugar daddies to buy me lunch.

Oh and did I mention we rented rollerblades and threw the T's jerseys on?!

We absolutely ripped up and down the boardwalk which neighbors the Atlantic ocean to a beautiful view.... Me haha more jokes

The Aussies surprisingly did not too bad in keeping up.

Later that night we headed to Monte Carlo. Yes, The Monte Carlo Casino. You know, the one which is featured in numerous James bond films.

Also, you know that Monte Carlo is in Monaco right? Well the Monaco Grand Prix, the hardest and most dangerous of all grand prix's, is in a couple days and we drove on the official track. So cool.

There were lambo's everywhere. With shit turning radius's I might add #chevyridinghigh #wackatracka

Anyways, in the Monte Carlo, (which costs 10€ to get into) I ended up losing 20€ on roulette. Threw 5€ on 21 my birthday and 15€ on black (because that's how i like my women and coffee). The man beside me threw at least 700€ on the table but threw 100€ on 21 as well because I was so sharply dressed. (I'd like to think).

One red turned up.

I shrugged it off.

He didn't.

Then went to the blackjack table and saw a couple Canadian girls from the other tour wanting to play but they didn't really understand the game. I ended up coaching them to going from 25€ to 100€.

Left to the bhudda bar. Called the bhudda bar due to a massive bhudda Being right in the middle. I'm sure Sean Connery has gotten it on here before.

Went back to the bar in Nice and started partying with the groups again.

The Canadian girl bought me a heineken cause it turns out I was her lucky charm 😉

I'm 2-3 against Aussies in pool.

Got iced by Steve. I guess I deserved it due to me attributing to his potential night camp out on the previous night.

This morning were on the road to Venice, Italy with a quick stop in Verona. Verona is the city which Romeo and Juliet takes place.

As I'm writing this blog, slizz is playing the game bachelor at the front of the bus.

And between the 3 bachelorettes there were 2 guys and a lesbian haha


I have to continue this blog due to the lack of wifi.

Verona is a dirty town. Think sundre. Minus the incestry

Went to the balcony of Juliet and got a picture taken with the Juliet statue. Your suppose to rub her left breast for good luck (I think specifically it's to have great sex for 7 years).

I rubbed both, and threw the T's hat on her head.

We made it to the camp site by Venice and bought 2 bottles of wine for 9€.

Played a drinking game and headed to the bar. At this camp site, there were 4 contiki groups, so about 200 people. And of course this night at the bar, the first fight of the trip transpired.

Worst part was I was not even able to provide backup because I was in the back area of the bar with this cute Canadian girl from Toronto 😉

Next day we woke up and traveled to Venice, the city of love. It is very cool how you have to take a boat. The problem with our Venice trip was it down poured the whole time. I guess that gave us a reason to get day drunk.

Went and watched a glass blowing exhibition. The artist was amazing, he created a horse out of molten glass in less than 2 minutes. When inside the gallery there were art pieces worth 1500€. Just ridiculous.

Shot glasses were 50€

I had the best pizza of my life. And then 3 hours later, at a different restaurant, it was topped and I had the best pizza of my life once again. I will remember this day forever.

On a scale of dominoes to 10 it was a 21

We, of course, did the traditional Venice canal ride.... In the pouring rain. Although because of this, our tour manager hanna (who is awesome btw) changed the max of champagne bottles on the ride from 2 to unlimited. The boats were rocking by the end of the ride. Bkslizz was almost shirtless.

Can I point out that a girl from our tour, Courtney, bit Bryce just right of his right nipple at the bar(she was biting everyone me included) and now he has a massive bruise which looks like a 3rd nipple

Haha I have to say that earlier, Bryce picked Geordie in the bachelor game, so they had a romantic dinner together. Table for 2 by candle light in the middle of the eating area. Bryce, being the nice guy he is, wore his nice purple shirt, dress pants and tie.

By the end of the dinner he made a toast in front of the group and ending up proposing. I'm glad they were not rooming with me

Geordie is a dude btw

Actually that night was awesome! We all had to buy masks in Venice for the masquerade party. I, of course, purchased the Casanova mask. (suits me)

The party was unreal. They make this amnesia drink that costs about 7€ where they pour copious amounts of alcohol into a glass. And I think I know why they call it amnesia.

Also girls got shots for free if they flashed the bartender.

I stayed at the bar a lot more that night

Brody cannot be trusted with keys anymore. He either loses them or passes out early and locks the door with them.

I bought some prada shades. I'm praying I don't lose them. Like Brody and his keys

We're now on the way to Florence, Italy. Just another 6 hour bus trip full of hungover kids coughing. And I love it.


Made it to Florence and had one hell of a time. Although we did just missed an earthquake that was 5.3 on the richter scale. My thoughts go out to the 7 people that lost there lives.

And here at last there is wifi! And a foosball table! It has already seen plenty of good Canadian spankings.

We went to a karaoke bar last night.

Soooooo many Aussie songs I've never heard of. But towers of beer were only 20€.

It got messy to say the least.

I ended up doing my laundry at 2 am that night.

We missed our bus on purpose today to watch the state of origin. Aussie league.

Go south wales!

24 days to go until I'm back in the 403

Again, wishing I could be partying with you boys and girls for may long but we're having tons of fun here.

Here's the new drinking chant for you

"here's to ____ he's true blue, oye!

He's a piss pot through and through, oye!

He's a bastard so they say, oye!

Tried to go to heaven but he went the other way, oye!

He went down! Down! Down! Down!...( this is the part where you crush the rest of your drink)

I miss the gym. Big pumps with Feddy teddy

Did I mention your can get 2 bottles of good wine for 9€

Later days (recess reference)


24th May 2012

Pizza Police
Please refrain from measuring pizza quality in dominoes. 30 boxes of shit is still shit, even if it's 50% off

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