Day 9 - Pompeii and Sorrento

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December 26th 2009
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morning tea stopmorning tea stopmorning tea stop

we were told due to the danger of gypsies in the area that this was a safe spot to stop. It was different seeing beside the gate an X rated DVD rental machine. it just seemed a weird place
Yet another day, another bus trip 😊, oh and we made it down to breakfast today! Was well worth that visit to those tables as well!

I really dont know what I was doing when the bus was leaving Rome. Rome seems to be such a blank to me, which is a bit sad, as I really wanted to see it. Go figure! The next part of the bus trip I remember was entering the area around Pompeii. Man alive! Seriously out of all the trip, this is known as the part I didn't actually like. I had been looking forward to this part the most so it was quite a surprise.

To expand on this, I should explain. The area around Pompeii is highly populated. I mean ok, so sections of Hong Kong were massively populated as well, but in a totally different way. The houses here were all low, and there was just rubbish everywhere! We had been told that there were issues in the area with people dumping all their old white goods and similar along the sides of the road. I guess I just hadn't expected to see that type of thing. Looking at the
lunch at pompeiilunch at pompeiilunch at pompeii

pizza! couldn't get enough of their pizzas
apartments, it seems that all their belongings were placed on this small structures just making it look like a bit of a junk yard. The whole area had the feel of a slum. I hate saying that, but thats just the impression I got. I know, there by the grace of god go I. I just had not expected this.

Arriving at the enterance to Pompeii, out of every place in Europe, Hong Kong, and the USA I visited (apart from the little subway incident in NY), this place scared me the most. Its one thing being in the relative comfort of the bus, its another thing being outside. The local stalls and I feel so bad for saying it, just seemed like it was a gypsy camp. I wandered along to have a look at the goods, but played the total mute as the sellers all clambered over to try and get you to stop and buy things. I dont think I let go of my purse for a second!

It was also a place that had quite a few dogs. What I didn't mention about Rome, is that its a city full of cats. I guess
markets outside pompeiimarkets outside pompeiimarkets outside pompeii

was interesting I guess.
I didn't write it in the Rome section because we never wandered many of the ruins like some of the others did and hence we didn't actually see any cats, but Rome is a place where stray cats are well looked after, and dont look like strays with the government chipping and feeding them. Definitely something to look out for. Arriving in Pompeii, there were several stray looking dogs. They did look a bit manky. Guessing Pompeii doesn't care for the dogs like Rome does their cats!

Entering the main attraction was interesting. It was raining for our tour, which did dampen things slightly, however it was still a warm enough day. Looking at the structures was unbelievable for the drainage and sewer systems they had in place! I mean some of those things over a hundred years ago still werent main stream items! One thing I hadn't expected was being taken into a whore house! I dont know as the guide was a bit hard to understand if we were actually told what it was or not, I just remember being told to look above each door and it reads like a menu, you choose what you want
inside pompeiiinside pompeiiinside pompeii

think this is where the gladiators lived from memory
from the picture then go into the room. It was when I went inside and saw these drawings I nearly choked! Just think karma sutra. My son was really funny after seeing it, he said to me, "Mum, I think that volcano needs to errupt again and wipe out the whole place properly this time and take all that city with it!" Hmmmmmmm

Anyway we eventually got out of there and made our way around the coast to the town of Sorrento. Kind of side of cliff living really. This is the washing stop of the trip! Honestly never saw any laundry places before this stop. Our hotel was called Rivage SNC. They also had free internet but if you sat in their lobby (oh the second night, I was up past 11pm in their lobby trying to update my photos for those back home, and apparently upset the owners that wanted to turn out the lights! they could have, it wouldn't have bothered me, but after hearing all the "Mamma mias" being yelled, I snuck off to bed laughing, I seriously couldn't believe out of all the words he actually yelled that! I thought it was hillarious).

Tonight there was the option of the Sorrento Flavours night and of the two dancing options only one was then available. We didn't choose either option. Apparently it was an all right night. Instead, I took my son and we wandered in the rain, and walked down the main street, which honestly wasn't that far from where we stayed, as the hotel was just at one end of the town. We walked into the villa and had a look around at all the wood art, which everyone on the dinner trip would do. It was for free anyway, then we made out way to a place called the "English Pub". The pasta they served there, was amazing! Well worth stopping in for dinner!

The town of Sorrento was so pretty!

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tire ridden roadstire ridden roads
tire ridden roads

love the groves of time
stepping stonesstepping stones
stepping stones

to get across roads
might not be a good photomight not be a good photo
might not be a good photo

but see if you can make out what its off. apparently its a pointer to something, and wasn't interested in finding out what it pointed to exactly. These were a common thing :S

the detail was amazing
down pipesdown pipes
down pipes

second floor pipes in walls for sewer waste
sorrento main streetsorrento main street
sorrento main street

christmas themed and beautiful in the falling rain

amazing attention to details.
hotel in sorrentohotel in sorrento
hotel in sorrento

the rooms had a definite damn smell to them. I guess with floor tiles and all. It just kind of smelt a touch mouldy

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