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January 2nd 2018
Published: January 2nd 2018
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Italy, nobody knows where the name came from. It is the south-central European, the fourth most populated place in Europe. It is located in the heart of Europe “Mediterranean sea”. Rome is the capital and the heart of Italy. The population of Italy is around 61 million. It is the very ancient city in Europe because there are many historical monuments and can be found everywhere. It is famous for its art and ancient culture. It is surrounded by beautiful green mountains, alpine lakes, and coasts, and all these things grab the visitor’s attention. Before it was called ‘The Bel Paese’ means Beautiful City. It has many beautiful sights and tourists attraction.

Most visited tourist attractions and cities.

Rome – It is obvious to start with Rome cause of the cosmopolitan capital and famous for its overwhelmed art, architecture and culture. Visitors can easily find the art and history at every corner of the street. It takes months to cover all the top tourist attractions. It offers a lot of attractions like The Colosseum and The Arch of Constantine, St. Peter's Basilica and peter’s square in Vatican City, The Pantheon monument of Roman antiquity, Roman Forum, Most popular Trevi Fountain.

Florence – This is the home to masterpiece Renaissance art and architecture. It is the important city in Italy in fashion and it is ranked on 15 positions in world’s fashion capital. Florence is also the national economic center and industrial hub. There are many treasures to see in Florence like: The famous cathedral The Duomo, Florence’s cathedral dome, Magnificent Uffizi art gallery museum, The magical Bardini Gardens, Santa Maria Novella Church, Piazza Della Signoria: The Political Heart of Florence ‘n more.

Venice – Oh k! Who does not know this beautiful city which is called the City on The Water, Venice? It is totally built on 100 of Small Island and this city has just canals, no roads. All the transportation is done by the boats. It is known for its artistic movements and famous for the beauty of settings. Like in others it also has many places to visit: St. Mark's Basilica best known and recognized church by the world, St. Mark's Square- Largest intimate square in Venice, Canale Grande- The heart of Venice.

Milan – A global capital of fashion & design, known for its highly maintained restaurants & shops and has the most skyscrapers in Italy. Milan is the second largest city in Italy. The places in Milan seem so beautiful in nights. Some recommended places to visit are Piazza Mercanti - a glimpse of Medieval life, Pinacoteca di Brera Museum, Navigli Lombardi canal, La Scala the best tourist attraction.

Naples – It is a vibrant metropolitan city. During the world war 2, it was the most bombed city. And now it has an active volcano that can destroy it. Pizza is the most consumed food in this city because it is said that, it was first made in Naples. In every street, you can easily feel the aroma of pizzas and you can easily experience the huge number variety of pizzas. There is many visitors’ point of interest such as Naples Harbor, Capodimonte Royal Palace, and Museum, Mount Vesuvius, National Archeological Museum etc.


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