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June 27th 2011
Published: July 31st 2011
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Sud, Est, What? I thought I'd done a good job getting us out of Venice and on the road to Verona, but the Autostrada exits did us in. We ended up going the long route via the Nord exit which was annoying as it cost us about half an hour. Anyway, hoping to avoid any more lost time, I entered "Juliet's House" into our trusty Google Maps on the i-pad. Miraculously, it did come up with only that information.

I am still not sure whether we should have parked where we did, (it was too good to be true), but Juliet obviously wanted Isabel to visit her house as there was no parking ticket when we returned. The town of Verona is gorgeous, with a beautiful fountain in a square bordered by cafes. The old Roman arena where they now stage opera in Summer, looks like the Colosseum with less crowds. We were on a mission though, so there was no lingering there, in the square or anywhere this time.

We had one happy 11-year-old when we walked through the gates of Juliet's house. On our right was the legendary balcony, and on our left, the beautiful bronze statue of Juliet. Isabel did what needed to be done for luck in love, and posed for a photo looking radiant. I'm sure there will be a story from her one day about why this visit was so important, but for now she is keeping it to herself.

It didn't take long before we had explored what needed to be explored, including the inevitable souvenir shop (Frank was so thrilled). We were soon on our way again and stopped for a slice of Veronese pizza (thick crust, for those who like that) and a cool drink.

I made no mistakes in the navigator's seat on the way out. EST!!

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