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20th June 2017

We miss you!
Hi Lisa and Hugo, glad all is going well! I love the sound of the Cold Rock ice cream minus the peanut butter of course!!
From Blog: Hello, Chicago!
21st June 2017

So much to tell you
Hi Sarah, we miss you, too. Yes, the ice-cream was GOOD! Always helps when it's really hot. Hope you and Leila are getting excited about France! xxx
From Blog: Hello, Chicago!
16th June 2017

Hugo - your smile is getting bigger and bigger...good to see and enjoy your trip
From Blog: Hello, Chicago!
8th August 2016

Your Travel Blog
Hello Lisa, I hope you don't mind me contacting you but Google Alerts has picked up your travel Blog about our tour in the Alps and I have been really enjoying reading it. My question is whether you would have any objection to me linking to it from our next newsletter so that anyone thinking about the tour for next year could see your diary of the trip and know what it is all about. I will understand if you don't want to share this any further but it's so well done!!! Many thanks and hope to hear from you. With best regards, Annabel at Hedonistic Hiking
12th August 2016

Hi Annabel!
Do you know, I did not know this comments section existed! Just found some from 2011 - hope our friends weren't offended! I just e-mailed you today - all fine as far as I'm concerned. Have a lovely day. Kind regards, Lisa
9th July 2013
The Lucky family, Giverny

YOu certainly have had an eventful trip Lis!! And I cannot get over how tall and beautiful Isabel is!! Surely she cant be the same age as Thomas who still looks like an overgrown puppy!!
20th July 2011

Hi Lisa, Loving your updates and gorgeous photos - looks like a fantastic trip. Brrr - we've just been skiing for 4 days - how different! I'd rather be in Italy though!! Love Mary
From Blog: San Gimignagno
20th July 2011

Hi from Wegners
Hi McNamaras, the trip looks awesome- great that you finally got past the volcanic plume and got away. Hope Isabel had a wonderful birthday love Jude
From Blog: San Gimignagno
19th July 2011

great photos
San Gimignagno is beautiful, all Tuscany is an incredible area. you can not love it. great photos... enjoy your trip!
From Blog: San Gimignagno
13th July 2011
Astrid and Imogen, Laneway Sorrento

Happy Birthday Isabel
Hi Isabel, I will be flying from New York to Abu Dhabi in the Middle East on your birthday so I am getting in early! Hope you have a wonderful day, the photos and descriptions. on your blog tell me that your holiday has been amazing so far so I hope that continues. Enjoy the Bastille Day celebrations in your honor! Can't wait to see you when we are both back in Australia to swap travel stories. Sarah xxxxxx
8th July 2011

What a holiday!
Hello to the McNamara family. I have not had access to email for over a week and so I have just caught up on your holiday adventures. I just LOVE reading your blog. At times I felt quite tense as you related some of those challenging moments and I felt I knew exactly how you may be feeling. It is difficult to imagine the lovely weather you are experiencing as the weather here is cold, wet, windy and generally yuck! Thank you for taking the time to write the blog and send the photos as it really is a joy for us at home. I know people said this to us when Brad wrote our blog - but it is true. I look forward to reading further installments. I can't believe that you will soon be home. I know you will be very busy on your return, but at some stage I would to spend some time sharing your holiday experiences with you over a cup of coffee. Love to you all. Keep well. Jane
30th June 2011

What great photos!
I am really enjoying following your travels in Italy. The photos are really wonderful and I think that the children will carry the memories of their special holiday right into adulthood. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
From Blog: Arrivederci Roma
21st June 2011

Ciao la Famiglia McNamara!
Hello intrepid travellers! I'm really enjoying reading your blog and looking at the gorgeous photos. Makes me wish I could jump on a plane and eat gelati with you in a cobbled Italian laneway. It sounds like you are loving every minute of every day and I hope your time in Rome sets the tone for the trip. Love from me to you all, I will eagerly await the next installment. S x
From Blog: Roma Bellissima!
21st June 2011

Love to read your blog
Dear Lisa, It is really great to read you love the beauty of Rome and all it has to offer (including the no-show of the car!) Enjoy it all and indulge! Has Isabel find any shoes yet? CU, Dorine
21st June 2011

Hi guys, great to read all about your holiday, sounds like you're all having a blast :) I can't beleive how grown up Isabel looks in the photos!! Take care and enjoy the rest of it. Much love, Becc
16th June 2011

How has your holiday started?
Hello everyone. I am thinking of you and hoping that everyone is having a wonderful time. Hope the plane trip went well - any upgrades? Hugo - I found a football with your name on it. I hope it is the one you were looking for on your last day of school.It is being kept in my office. I am dying to hear about your trip!!!!Jane
13th June 2011

Best Wishes
Hi Lisa, Frank, Isabel and Hugo, Congratulations setting up the blog - I'll look forward to regular postings - very impressed! Have a fantastic trip away, I can't wait to hear all about it. All my love, Mary

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