Paying for Your Mind: The Magic of Venezia (Location: Venice, Italy, Europe)

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November 6th 2006
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Venice. Silence all but the jabbering tourists, grumbling water taxis and yapping dogs. The days of Venice are mystical, a realm from an ancient water world. Nights upon the isles are a mesmerizing mystery with foggy passages and cold stonewalls. The gypsy coin peddlers back in Florence and Rome feel like a gossamer memory from youth.

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An Evening That PaysAn Evening That Pays
An Evening That Pays

A ride on a gondola estimates anywhere around, and quickly exceeds, one hundred dollars

Use your imagination
Untitled IIUntitled II
Untitled II

Use your imagination
Red Fires of La FeniceRed Fires of La Fenice
Red Fires of La Fenice

The cursed opera house standing again. La Fenice
The Other SideThe Other Side
The Other Side

For travelers, Venice is a marvel. For the youth who call it home, I can't imagine how small the walls come to feel
The Cash GoesThe Cash Goes
The Cash Goes

When there's one, there is always its opposite directly around the corner
The FeedThe Feed
The Feed

Next life I wish to return as a pigeon; eat, twiddle, eat, sleep, eat again...actually...?
When We Were YoungWhen We Were Young
When We Were Young

On the Grand Canal, between the wake of business and that world beyond a youthful imagination
Lost In Disney's ImaginationLost In Disney's Imagination
Lost In Disney's Imagination

There's no doubt the old waters and alleys of Venice's isles make you feel as though among a false playground built for amusement. Far from it...
All Around the Bell TowerAll Around the Bell Tower
All Around the Bell Tower

Pigeons in flight within San Marco. Oddly, clusters of pigeons took to flight simutaneously as though grey hounds released from their gates.

6th November 2006

J'adore le photo du canel, c'est magnifique!!! Tres beau...
8th November 2006

Ich habe Ihre Blog gelesen und f├╝hle ich mich wohl dieser Blog zu lesen. Bitte besuchen Sie uns
11th November 2006

I am very glad I stumbled upon your blog. Your are quite the artist, your writing is superb and your photographs are exceptional. Truly magnificent.
17th November 2006

Captivating !
Your photos are captivating....well done !
1st December 2006

Loved this
Ditto. I am glad I chose to read your blog. What a writer! THanks for sharing. Photos superb! Keep up the good work!
7th February 2007

Your photographs are absolutely stunning, amazing and so artistic. Thank you for posting them for all to enjoy. I have traveled Italy many times and enjoyed seeing it through your eyes.
26th May 2007

Excellent work
You captured the true essence of living thru Black and White. Scenes are so captivating in its true vibrant colours. Rey
19th June 2007

25th July 2007

Your photos are absolutely beautiful. This page really made me dream...
5th January 2008

This is really beautiful. You have made me decide to go to Venice!
4th April 2008

Very nice picture
Should we add your photos to our site :
18th July 2009

nice photos..
love the photos man...what kind of camera are you using if you dont mind me asking? and what sort of lens/settings are you using for shooting b/w at night? check out my blog tips?

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