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March 13th 2018
Published: March 13th 2018
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Omg my legs are feeling it today lol. Totally worth the views from yesterday though.

Today we made our way towards Florence. First stop was Lucca - an old, still has its Renaissance walls, town. It was pretty - didn't find there was anything particularly amazing, just the overall vibe was nice. I still marvel that none of our kids have been hit by a car or honked at - not the greatest at sticking to one side of the road, let's just say... and things get quite narrow! We ate lunch at this really nice cafe - prosciutto and cheese, warmed up - just to die for.

Next up was San Gimignano. We had a little bit of time to explore - then we had a guided tour. It's beautiful with the towers all over and the city walls (13th century). After that we had free time - it's all about leather here, so everyone was going for their purses and more shopping. *shrug* they're nice but I don't need one, so I just wandered the alleys and found frescos and stuff. I actually got a good laugh afterwards... everyone is showing their purchases and it's all fun. Then we get off for supper and everyone's asking about my purse. I'm like... guys, I've had it all trip. It was like 10 pounds at Primark in England lol. Bit of a price difference 😉

Anyway, we got to Florence in time for supper. It was really good - cornish hen and potatoes (I don't know what it's been about potatoes here but they've been AMAZING each time). We'll be back tomorrow to see the actual city... 6hrs or so of free time which is a lot. I'm glad I know about it ahead of time so I can at least plan out a few things for tomorrow.

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