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August 8th 2006
Published: June 16th 2017
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01 One of the many01 One of the many01 One of the many

This is one of the many churches and towers in Lucca.
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Packed up and walked to the train station to catch the train to Lucca. An hour later I arrived and luckily all over town there were signs to the hostel. It is in the middle of the large, old town. It is a huge, clean, spacious building with a great location. After checking in I went to do some sightseeing. Lucca is surrounded by 4.2km of city walls that can be walk along. Wasn't in the mood for walking, so just like the other tourists I hired a bike. It was fun and much quicker than walking. The city walls are about 5 metres wide- plenty of room for everyone. While riding around I could see the surrounding hills, churches and into people's houses! Gave the bike back, it isn't easy to window shop or take photos while riding a bike. Walked past a few churches and then came to the oval shape Piazza Ampitheatre. The sight of an old Roman amphitheatre and the ruins of it are part of the houses. I then walked to the Palazzo Guinigi to walk up the tower. 230 steps later and I was up the top with some other tourists and half
02 City wall02 City wall02 City wall

This is the path around the city wall.
a dozen oak trees! From here could see all of the old town and the new town, hills, church towers and roof tops. Went to sit on the city walls and watched the sun set over Lucca.

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03 Entrance03 Entrance
03 Entrance

One of the entrances to the city.
04 City wall04 City wall
04 City wall

The high and wide city wall.
05 St Michael05 St Michael
05 St Michael

One of the churches.
06 Amphitheatre06 Amphitheatre
06 Amphitheatre

In the middle of the amphitheatre.
07 Tower07 Tower
07 Tower

This the tower with trees growing on the top.
08 View08 View
08 View

View from the top.
09 The street09 The street
09 The street

The street I walked along to come here.
10 Trees10 Trees
10 Trees

Trees in the way of the view.
11 Lonely scooter11 Lonely scooter
11 Lonely scooter

A lonely scooter in this quiet street.
12 View from the wall12 View from the wall
12 View from the wall

Took this photo while the sun was setting from the city wall.
13 Nice colour13 Nice colour
13 Nice colour

I love the colour and shadows on this church at sunset.
14 Tiny tower14 Tiny tower
14 Tiny tower

In the middle of the photo is the tree tower.

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