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August 7th 2006
Published: June 16th 2017
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01 Bridge01 Bridge01 Bridge

A bridge over the Arno River.
Geo: 43.6577, 11.4546

This morning I didn't bother having intentions of getting up early, as they get me no-where. Once I was ready I walked to the end of my street and along the river to Santa Croce. The water was perfectly still and I took a great photo of the bridge reflecting on the water. Inside this church it is just like an art gallery, so much to see and all completed by masters of art. Michelangelo's tomb is here and a tomb for Dante, although he is actually buried in Ravenna. There are a few sculptures by Donatello. Many private chapels owned by well off families in the area. Giotto painted a few walls of 2 of the chapels, the paint work seems quite faded though. Walked back towards the Duomo and went to the Museo dell'Opera Duomo. In this museum is most of the original statues and paintings from the Duomo and Bapistry. There are 8 of the 10 original Gates of Paradise panels in bronze. Michelangelo's Pieta- which he intended for his own tomb, but never completed. It was also in this building that Michaelangelo carved his David. There were many statues carved by Donatello.
Next I went
02 Ponte Vecchio02 Ponte Vecchio02 Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio.
into the Bapistry- one of the oldest buildings in Florence. This is a small octaganol building at the front of the Duomo. The ceiling is covered in beautiful mosaics- breathtaking!
Lunchtime = pizza time. After refueling I walked to the National Archelogy Musuem. There are two floors to the museum. The first floor is full of Egyptian artifacts and the second floor is full of pottery (boring). The Eyptian stuff was okay and it reminded my of being in Eypyt. The best thing was a mummy that they had cut through the cloth of. I could see the many layers of cloth and bones!
Walked to the train station and caught a bus for Fiesole. Apparently there is a great view of the city from up there. 20 minutes later I arrived. The view was great and even better when I walked up a very steep path to a little park with a lookout. The dome of the Duomo high above the rest of the buildings.
Went back to my room and packed by bag ready to move on from Florence.

Additional photos below
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03 Sticky tape03 Sticky tape
03 Sticky tape

Sticky tape all over the painting must be part of the restoration process.
04 Michelangelo04 Michelangelo
04 Michelangelo

Michelangelo's tomb.
05 Dante05 Dante
05 Dante

Dante's tomb, although he wasn't actually buried here.
06 Tombstones06 Tombstones
06 Tombstones

Underneath the church is this walkway. While walking from one end to the other, you are surrounded by many old tombstones.
07 Sante Croce07 Sante Croce
07 Sante Croce

The front of the church.
08 Cathedral08 Cathedral
08 Cathedral

Bell tower at the end of the street.
09 Ouch!09 Ouch!
09 Ouch!

This was originally in the cathedral.
10 Carvings10 Carvings
10 Carvings

This was also in the cathedral.
11 The original11 The original
11 The original

An original panel of gold from the door of the Baptistry.
12 Statues12 Statues
12 Statues

Original statues that decorated the outside of the cathedral.
13 Not replaced13 Not replaced
13 Not replaced

Where the original statues once were.
14 Gold doors14 Gold doors
14 Gold doors

The copy of the gold doors on the Baptistry.
15 Cathedral15 Cathedral
15 Cathedral

Cathedral and bell tower.
16 Baptistry16 Baptistry
16 Baptistry

Mosaic ceiling of the baptistry.
17 Ceiling17 Ceiling
17 Ceiling

Mosaic ceiling.
18 Walls18 Walls
18 Walls

The walls and part of the ceiling.
19 Inside19 Inside
19 Inside

Inside the baptistry.
20 A mummy20 A mummy
20 A mummy

A mummy disturbed from its sleep.
21 Frightened21 Frightened
21 Frightened

Died of fright?
22 View22 View
22 View

The view of Florence from Fiesole.
23 View23 View
23 View

The dome is in the middle.

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