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August 9th 2006
Published: June 16th 2017
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01 Mosaics01 Mosaics01 Mosaics

This is the front of the church that was next to my hostel.
Geo: 43.5332, 10.7582

Decided to visit Pisa and see this leaning tower, considering it was only a 20 minute train ride. Once I arrived at the train station I walked for about 10 minutes, crossed the Arno river and came to the Piazza dei Miracoli (miracles). This is where all the tourists come and spend their time in Pisa. The main attraction of course is the leaning tower, also a cathedral, a baptistery and the cemetery. They are all made of dark green and cream marble. The leaning tower is on quite a lean, there were many people climbing it, I couldn't justify the €15 cost. Instead I walked around it and wondered if it was ever going to fall over. It is 54 metres high and took nearly 200 years to finish. I bought a multiple ticket to see the most poplar sights. The first place I went was the baptistery. It is a small round building with a dome top. The inside was very, very plain. No color, just white. It was built before the leaning tower and is the same height as the tower. I climbed the stairs to the gallery and was able to look down into the
02 Arno River02 Arno River02 Arno River

This is the Arno River, I am half way between the train station and the Leaning Tower.
baptistery. I then went into the cemetery, where they are many old sarcophagus's, tomb stones and some frescoes from the 14th century.
I went ate lunch and while I was eating I could see the leaning tower- was a good view! Next place to visit with my ticket was the Cathedral Museum. Favourite thing would be the huge choir books. They are as big as the big books I use at work and are beautifully decorated and are originals. Last place was the cathedral. Inside there were many frescoes, you could stare at it all day. Ate an ice-cream in the shade and then walked back to the train station. Nicely asked the ticket man when the next train to Lucca is. He scrunched up his face and pointed out the door and told me to walk 1km to the next train station. Strange I thought, as my train took me here, surely it also leaves from here. Asked the man at information and he said Platform 1 in 5 minutes!! And he was right. Some locals are so against tourists and try to make their stay unpleasant!

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03 The Baptistery03 The Baptistery
03 The Baptistery

The baptistery with two different roof tiles.
04 Entrance04 Entrance
04 Entrance

The entrance to the baptistery.
05 Inside05 Inside
05 Inside

Colorless dome of the baptistery.
06 View from the baptistery06 View from the baptistery
06 View from the baptistery

The cathedral and the leaning tower.
07 Frescoes07 Frescoes
07 Frescoes

Frescoes in the cemetry.
08 Cemetry08 Cemetry
08 Cemetry

Head stones on the floor and sacraphogus's on the sides.
09 A name I recognize09 A name I recognize
09 A name I recognize

This is the head stone of Leonardo Fibonaci- the mathematician.
10 Tower10 Tower
10 Tower

The tower and a fountain.
11 Palace11 Palace
11 Palace

A palace somewhere in Pisa.
12 Different to others12 Different to others
12 Different to others

I like this painting, as it's not the traditional rectangular shape.
13 Big Book13 Big Book
13 Big Book

Big choir book.
14 Painting14 Painting
14 Painting

This painting is a few hundred years old and it shows that back then the tower was leaning.
15 The three big ones15 The three big ones
15 The three big ones

From the museum I could see the baptistery, cathedral and the leaning tower.
16 Inside16 Inside
16 Inside

Inside the cathedral.
17 Inside17 Inside
17 Inside

Inside the cathedral.
18 Me18 Me
18 Me

Me and the tower.
19 Entrance to the city19 Entrance to the city
19 Entrance to the city

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