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July 21st 2016
Published: July 22nd 2016
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We now have a few one night stops at B+B to see some interesting places. After getting our car back in the street, it had to come out of underground garage, we struggled out of Palermo. It reminded us on Naples the way they drive. Never heard of giving way or roundabouts. Anyway we made our way to Agrigento too see the Valley of the Temples. Country roads very small as well a lot of them under repair so we had to wait everywhere but we arrived around midday at a most attractive B+B. It had a restaurant as well. The most beautiful view you can imagine overlooking the Mediterranean. We left our luggage and went 13 kilometres down to the Valley of the Temples. The entrance was most confusing you just could not find it. Asking a few times we finally got there and parked the car. Paying money for the ticket and a hat for Liz. The sun stood right above and in the shade 37 degrees was convinced Liz a hat was well worth it. Talking over the Valley of the Temples, well what to say. Anybody who has not seen anything from those time periods it would be marvellous, but we are a bit spoiled having seen Palmyra in Syria and Delphi in Greece. The enormous columns build such a long time ago it is a wonder that it still stand. We did spend the rest of the day there, returning late afternoon, a shower and a beautiful dinner on the balcony, it has been a wonderful day. We did not look forward to a 36 degrees day, but that was what it will be when we left for Armerina to look at the Mosaics in Villa Roma dal Casala. Once on the way we found the road was broken up, we had to find another route. That went a long way around over Gela but we arrived at Armerina. We decided to go first to this Villa Roma. Badly sign posted as always we found it after asking. Most of the people don't speak English, things can get difficult. But we have to say they try very hard to help you. At the Villa Roma dal Casala we had a surprise. We asked for discount, the person asked for our age but again no English. He wanted our passport and must have looked at our age.

temples build 2000 BC
We got a free ticket , Australia you in for free. Well the Mosaics are an amazing sight. Done so many years ago. They have been buried for 700 years under a mud slight. That is the reason they are so well preserved. Done about 400 B.C it is indeed amazing to see them. You can see the kind of clothing the people were wearing in those times. The animals that were caught and shipped to Rome. Certainly one of the best historic places that show Mosaics in the world. Our next place we will meet again is Siracusa. Till than.

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temple el Concordia 540 AD

One of later times

view from bed & breakfast in Aggregento

view from bedroom

the Mosaics

inside Villa Roma dal casala

well preserved

you can see the animals

Roman Warriors

they even wearing bikinis

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