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Europe » Italy » Sicily » Agrigento September 4th 2018

Today was a fabulous day as we travelled to the small town of Sant'Angelo Muxaro to meet up with our local guide and discover more about this beautiful region. Sant'Angelo Muxaro is one of those villages you see perched up on top of a mountain, that from a distance it makes you wonder how you could possibily get up there! Sure enough the drive to the top did require a few nail biting moments! On arrival we met our local guide and we walked along the cobbled streets to the main square. There were a couple of little cafe's on the square so we chose one and had a coffee like a local. What was absolutely so special about this day is we were the only tourists in town - this is where Back Roads Tours ... read more
With Maria, sampling her bread
Our pasta being freshly made
The bakery of Giovanni and Maria

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Agrigento September 3rd 2018

Today we didn't need to leave our accommodation until 10am, which meant a more relaxing start to the day. The reason for this was to avoid being at our tour destination this afternoon, in the heat of the day. So off we headed for our drive to our next destination - Agrigento. Along the way we stopped to take photos of the Turkish Steps (Scala dei Turchi). The steps are sparkling white rocks, juttimg out into the Mediterranean Sea and from where we stopped to take photos they looks like steps. It has a similar look to it like Pamakule in Turkey although the story goes that it was named the Turkish steps as it prevented the Turks from invading this area. Anyway, it is a stunning sight! It is illegal to walk along them as ... read more
The Valley of the Temples
The Concordia Temple
The Concordia Temple

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Agrigento March 28th 2018

Wednesday March 28 2018 - I got up a little before 7am today and went through the usual morning routine, this time with yogurt and granola. I left around 8:15 to go to the Valley of the Temples, a large area with several ancient Greek temples. I checked the weather forecast yesterday and this morning, and both said it would be partly sunny in the morning, mostly cloudy in the afternoon, no rain. It was pretty wrong for most of the day. The morning was blue skies, no clouds anywhere. It started to warm up so that I had to take my fleece off as I walked around. I was able to get a teacher discount this time, and opted for the audio tour as well. There are three main temples - the Temple of Hercules, ... read more
Temple of Hercules
Temple of Concord
Temple of Concord

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Agrigento March 27th 2018

Tuesday March 27 2018 - I got up before 7am, got packed, had breakfast and still didn’t get out of there until almost 8:30. I had to drive about two hours to get to the Villa Romana del Casale, an ancient Roman house that was flooded and covered with mud, hidden for over 700 years. It had paid parking, which always seems insane to me when you have to drive to get there, and you’re paying to get in. At the ticket counter I asked if they had a discount for teachers. He said yes and I gave him my school ID. He balked because the date on the card said September 2017, and it was now March 2018. I’m not sure what he expected, since it’s for a whole school year, but he did eventually ... read more
Some of the fruit I picked yesterday. Kumquat is my new fave!
Villa Romana del Casale
Villa Romana del Casale

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Agrigento February 23rd 2018

A storm system moved into Sicily yesterday, bringing with it rain, chilly winds and generally miserable conditions. The visibility is so poor that the snow-capped peak of Mt. Etna, which is very prominent from our terrace, has been completely obscured from view. So the conditions for the tour we had scheduled for today--a visit of the Greek and Roman architectural treasures in and near the town of Agrigento--did not look at all promising. Most of the day's activities would necessarily take place outdoors, and it was raining cats and dogs when we embarked upon the 3-hour bus ride from Taormina at 7:00 this morning. Our tour group size today was slightly larger (14) than the Palermo trip we had made earlier in the week, so the tour operator decided to use a full-size bus, which provided ... read more
Near the Temple Concordia
Temple of Concordia
Floor mosaic, Villa Romana

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Agrigento May 28th 2017

What a wonderful sleep. The bed was so comfortable. Now we are ready for the early cup of coffee. In trying to fill the electric jug our worst fears were realized, no water. We managed to use some bottled water but what about the toilet and shower. We emailed Vittorio about our problem. He was extremely upset and would get it sorted today. In the meantime a heavy dose of antiperspirant would have to suffice. Our plan today was to visit the Valley of the Temples on a hill close to Agrigento. We arrived at the entrance, bought tickets and a map and proceeded to ticket control and security. The walk took us past the ruins of the temples of Zeus, Heracles, Dioscuri, and Giove before the long walk to the impressive temple of Concordia. From ... read more
Valley of the Temples, Agrigento
Valley of the Temples, Agrigento
Valley of the Temples, Agrigento

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Agrigento May 27th 2017

Today we say goodbye to our host and her son, Stefano. Our final chat was a mix of our English and their Italian but once you get past that barrier we were able to understand each other. It has been a delight coming back to the house each night after battling inner city traffic in these historic Sicilian cities. After yesterday’s late rain it is once again gloriously fine and likely to get hot. We tell Jane we want to visit Scicli before we travel north to Agrigento. She seems to cope best with short trips. It is less confusing. As we head downhill we realize we must have been quite high above the sea. Rounding a corner there beneath us is this incredible town, Scicli. It is Saturday and many streets are closed off because ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Agrigento May 19th 2017

Geo: 37.3111, 13.5767Another day - another temple.... but why stop at one.. Just outside of Agrigento is the Valley of the Temples, a huge site, 2km long with the remains of seven Doric style temples, built between 510 BC and 430 BC.My pre-planning and research definitely paid off as I had organized a tour using motorised scooters. This was certainly the best way to cover the massive area, particularly in the heat. We had great fun on these sort of off-road, fat-tyred scooters but we also revelled in the wistful looks that everyone else gave us as they were trudging along in the midday sun.Our guide, Donatella, was delightful and as well as the temples we visited the catacombs (which were originally used as water reservoirs, and the Garden of the Kolymbetra, a lush botanical garden ... read more
Fallen Icarus
Motorized scooters - way to go
Temple of Concordia

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Agrigento August 7th 2016

Vandaag op tijd op, want om 9.30 moeten we aanwezig zijn bij de Valle Dei Templi. Om 8.30 zitten we dus weer heerlijk buiten aan het ontbijt, de temperatuur is nu nog prima, maar zal in de loop van de dag snel oplopen. Om 9.00 zitten we in de auto en we staan al snel op een ietwat onoverzichtelijke parkeerplaats bij de ingang van het Tempelcomplex. Het complex dateert uit de 5e eeuw voor Christus. Tot onze verbazing worden er bij de ingang entreebewijzen uitgedeeld. Bij navraag blijkt dat het op de eerste zondag van de maand, deze dus, altijd gratis entree is. Dat is een mooie verrassing voor ons, want we kregen ook al korting op de huur voor de elektrische stepjes. Er staat bij de stepverhuur een andere dame dan gisteren, maar ze is ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Agrigento August 6th 2016

Beetje uitslapen, want we blijven de ochtend bij het zwembad. Na een goed ontbijt in de tuin, settelen we ons op 5 ligbedden, nemen af en toe een verkoelende duik, lezen wat, luisteren muziekje en doen een tukje. Het is behoorlijk warm en we zijn dan ook blij dat er in de middag een bries opsteekt die het geheel wat aangenamer maakt. Wanneer we in de gemeenschappelijke ruimte wat water willen halen, krijgen we spontaan een stokbrood aangeboden van de eigenaar. Er zijn ook nog wat croissants en koekjes en we kunnen zowaar ook cappuccino krijgen, alhoewel deze meer op een lattemacchiato met extra melk lijkt😂. Maar even goed met de beste bedoelingen gemaakt. Om half vier douchen we ons even snel en rijden dan naar de Valle dei Templi om de elektrische stepjes voor morgenvroeg ... read more

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