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April 3rd 2009
Published: April 17th 2009
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April 3, 2009
We went to the beach today! YAY! I was supposed to get up at 8, but fell right back asleep and didn’t get up till 9:15. We almost missed breakfast, but made it downstairs in time to grab some croissants and buns. After breakfast, we got ready in our room and then met the others in their room. It was a very relaxed morning and we weren’t out the door till like 10ish I think. We were going to take the shuttle from the hotel, but asked Luigi, the front desk worker who has become our wonderful Italian friend, and he said we can take the bus. Hollie knew where it was and we rode that around all day for free.
Our first stop was Poetta beach. We rode the bus until its last stop, and then walked in the direction of the beach until we found it. It is a very pretty beach, but the Mediterranean sea was quite a bit chilly. We all wore our swimsuits under our clothes, but swimming wasn’t going to happen, sadly. I stepped in the Mediterranean sea for the first time today!!!! It was SOOO blue and pretty. We walked along the beach and then found a spot and sat down for a while. We walked past a little outdoor café on the beach, so me, Jake, Sarah and Hollie walked back and got some cappuccino. It was very good and I had it on the beach, which made it even better.
After that, we were getting hungry and this time it was 12:30, so we went back to get the others and told them we thought it was time for lunch. We left the beach and wondered back to a bus stop and took that into town again. We all wanted pizza, but it always takes a long time for any of us to make a decision on where to eat. After walking up and down the streets for a LONG time, I finally stopped because they walked right by this pizza place that was in a cave. They came back, we went inside and had some delicious pizza! I don’t know how I am going to go back to American style pizza, it just doesn’t add up! Then we went back to the gelato place that we went yesterday for some more delicousness. I was in a WONDERFUL mood, because we were in Italy, I had AMAZING pizza, and now I was getting gelato. I was dancing the whole time in the store, and this one guy that worked there couldn’t help but laugh at me. I think I made his day. I danced around with my gelato and he kept giving me weird looks. I spent 2.50 on some of the most wonderful gelato…chocolate and then mixed berry…SO GOOD!
After we had that, we walked back to try and find a souvenir shop with no luck. We walked for a good while and then realized that we should catch the bus back to our hotel because the sun made us all tired. Before we went to the hotel, we stopped at the grocery store again and I bought h20 and a Carlsberg.
I got sunburned today! YAY! Usually that is not something I am happy about, but it happened in APRIL. When we got back to our Hinterland Hotel, I started reading and the other two fell asleep. I took an hour long nap and then woke up because I wanted to be able to sleep tonight. Now we are in the others room, using internet and hanging out. We had Limon liqueur and “water with gas” last night and it was pretty good.


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