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April 2nd 2009
Published: April 17th 2009
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April 2, 2009
Today we got a good start on the day. It was really hard to wake up this morning, but we got up anyway in time for our continental breakfast. Even though there was more of selection here than in Paris, the baguettes and jam in France beat this breakfast.
We got back to our room and got ready and then soon met up with the other room. Hollie found a supermarket very close by, so we went there to get groceries and snacks for the day.
We were able to take a shuttle from the hotel to city center for only 25 euro! Amazing! (I paid 3.60 for bus.) The guy dropped us off and we wondered around. We attempted to find the beach, with no luck. We walked for a good couple of hours and then realized that we could not find the beach anywhere! We got stuck in the rain and ended up in the worst part of town possible. It was scary there for a bit because we didn’t know where we were and the neighborhood was SUPER sketchy. We finally found a place where there was a man, we still have no idea who he was or where we were, and he wrote down in Italian a message to the bus driver for where we should go. He pointed us in the direction of the bus stop, and right when he did the bus came, so we had to race to catch it. Apparently, there is no cost to pay for the bus here! Another amazing thing! And I forgot to mention that it started to rain halfway through our long adventurous walk, so we were pretty wet at the time.
We also had our swimsuits on underneath our clothes because it felt like summer to us, but really for them here it is spring. We looked pretty ridiculous. We ended up in what we thought was a shopping mall, but really it was something like a fish market. We caught another bus and hopefully it would take us to city center. We decided to get off at a stop that was close to the center. As we were getting off, Hollie and Jake were the last ones off and the doors slammed in there face…they got stuck on the bus until the next stop! It was super funny because there was faces were priceless. We ended up wandering around for a bit until we found this super cute cafe. I had ravioli and a cappuccino which were really good, but I didn’t get a whole lot of ravioli. One of the guys that worked at the little café spoke great English and made fun of us. He helped Hollie eat her pizza and everything! The other guy that worked there was an old Italian man, and he was fascinated by our digital cameras. He wanted to take a picture of our table, and was fascinated but confused about how our cameras worked. SO FUNNY! We had a good time with them.
Right across the street from the pizzeria was this huge building that had tons of stairs that led up to something like the top of the city. We took so many pictures because we could see so much. Beautiful. We started to get a little chilly when the sun went behind the clouds, so we headed back to the actual city center. I took tons of pictures of the little streets we went up and down on because they were so cute. People hang there clothes outside there window on their clothesline and there are pretty lights and it was wonderful. We were walking, and then I had the fabulous idea to stop and get gelato. We found this cute little place that had SO many different options it was crazy. We then walked and found two cabs to take us back to our hotel. We got back to our hotel and decided to go to the supermarket again and get some much needed alcohol. We then came back to the hotel and I did some laundry in the sink. Now we are sitting in the others room and watching USA T.V. dubbed in Italian and drinking. I am going to try and call Nate tonight.I forgot to say that I bought 10 euros worth international calling cards today as well.


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