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September 26th 2016
Published: September 26th 2016
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Editor's note: We have tried to keep the comments on the pictures short but sometimes... If a comment appears to be cut off, try double clicking on the picture or the link under the picture to see the rest of our riveting text. Travelling to Rome Milan to Rome is no big deal once you figure out the Italian train system. As Canadians, we aren’t used to good train systems but theirs is pretty go... Read Full Entry

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Michelangelo's MosesMichelangelo's Moses
Michelangelo's Moses

Just one statue in front of Julius II's tomb which is currently behind the scaffolding. Googling "Michelangelo Moses" brings up some fascinating reading. Even Sigmund Freud is referenced.
Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, first king of ItalyMonument to Vittorio Emanuele II, first king of Italy
Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, first king of Italy

A.k.a. the typewriter building, it is one of the main features of Piazza Venezia.

One of my favourites because it is an ancient monument in its own right as well as being a church. Fascinating place.
Holey DomeHoley Dome
Holey Dome

The dome is open in the centre and there are drains in the centre of the floor that slopes so any rain channels away. It's the model for buildings like the Capitol in Washington, D.C. (the dome, not the drain)
Tazza D'oroTazza D'oro
Tazza D'oro

Cappuccini e granite. So famous it's mentioned in a guide book as the place to go when the Pantheon is closed for Mass. Or after Mass.
Piazza NuovaPiazza Nuova
Piazza Nuova

The statues and fountains are truly incredible
Piazza NuovaPiazza Nuova
Piazza Nuova

The long view.
The TiberThe Tiber
The Tiber

Meanders through town passed the Vatican and many monuments. There is a sidewalk along most of it but there is also a very busy road. We didn't find any really nice places to just sit and admire it.
Spanish StepsSpanish Steps
Spanish Steps

Just before they were reopened. Otherwise you probably wouldn't be able to see them for the crowds.
Trevi fountainTrevi fountain
Trevi fountain

You can see great pictures of this beautiful fountain on the internet. But this shot gives you a hint at the crowds and why it is hard to get a decent picture yourself.

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