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March 15th 2016
Published: March 15th 2016
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Alright - Vatican Day!

I'm not overly fond of the 20 or so people along the walk from the metro to the Vatican that are constantly screaming and trying to get your attention to tell you to walk a different way to the museum... like... cool, but I want to walk this way. When I came back out I put on my scowl ("don't even try talking to me" face) and I kid you not I had three people talk to me in French. Do I look more French when I'm grumbly? Is that a thing?

Anyway! Lines and security are a nightmare at the Museum. If you don't have pre-booked ticket good luck to you and your wait.

I enjoyed the museum much more than I expected to, actually. I really only got the ticket because I wanted to see the Sistine Chapel, and I'm not into art museums, but this one is different if only for its sheer size and variety. I have no idea what I was looking at most of the time since I didn't get an audio guide... but it was all pretty. I particularly enjoyed the room of busts and statues and I'm super mature and took a bunch of photos and captioned them via snapchat... ahem.

I'm trying to think what else... a lot of tapestries and paintings and the ceilings are all freakin' amazing. I can't imagine how long it would take to do one of those long halls...

I spent 2.5 hrs and that was with me skimming the last third or so because I quite honestly just couldn't "art" anymore. The Sistine Chapel is near the end - I like how you aren't allowed photos or to talk. There's something cool about being in a room that size in silence.

And on my way out of the Museum I ran into my British tour group from yesterday..! Small world.

Lunch was great - I heard about this panini place not from the Vatican, Panino Davino. It's a great sign when you walk in and it's packed with Italians aaaand all the meat and cheese is fresh so you see them cut and make it all. The guy was super friendly and gave me a menu - I decided to be adventurous and get a Ciro. (black pork cheek, cheese, sundried tomatoes with olive oil and chilli jam). IT WAS AMAZING. Never thought I'd say that about pork cheek, but it was really really good.

I headed back to the Vatican (French scowl face on) - time for the Basilica. The square itself is quite impressive... I'm glad I didn't come on Sunday, I don't think I would have coped well with that many people. As it was today I was quite antsy moving around the crowds at the museum.

Anyway, no line for the Basilica other than going through security again... so many airport style security measures in this place. I went in through the holy door and then just marvelled at the sheer size of the Basilica. It is enormous. The detailed work is all incredible and I literally just walked around amazed by it. Stunningly beautiful.

And that was that. My feet are so beyond dead from 3 days non-stop... figured I should give them some rest before I tackle Pompeii 😉


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