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October 4th 2015
Published: October 4th 2015
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On Saturday morning we all got up and realised Dad wasn't there. He had gone to the Irish pub to watch the grand final. When Dad got back we all had breakfast and then we went to the Villa Borghesi park and went on some go carts. We did a few laps around the park with me and Bella in single ones and Dad and Michael in a double. After a few laps around the park I swapped with Michael and I went with Dad. Then after a few more laps Bella went with Dad and then we returned them.
We were walking in the park for a bit and then we went to a gallery in the park and we had tickets. It was two story, on the bottom level it was a statue gallery and on the top level it was pictures and paintings.And we got audio guides which told us the storries about the statues and the artists and what's behind them and that was the same with the paintings. We were there for two hours and some of the stories we thought were interesting were:David and Goliath, Hermaphrodite, Prosperina, Mary Magdalene, Jupiter and Cupid, Aeneas carrying his father from the fire. I really liked the statues by Bernini, they had good stories.After that we went to the train station to go out for lunch even though it was 4pm. For lunch I had a Margharita and so did Bella. At the restaurant we had a table on a piazza and me and Bella played it in and had races. After lunch we walked to a really good ice cream shop. I had a lemon and chocolate chip ice cream dipped in white chocolate. Then we walked home and there was a circus street performer, at the circus the performer called me up and I did a circus trick with him. He had two balls and put one in my hand and one in his hand. We shut our hands and two balls appeared in my hands. Then we were walking back and a backpacker asked Mummy for some help, so Mummy helped him because he was lost And so we gave him our map.

Dad, Michael and Franziska went to the pub.

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