Day 8 - Roma - Where or where did Gia go?

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September 29th 2012
Published: September 29th 2012
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Who gets to sleep until 10:30? Well, I do when my vacation starts that day! Hurry up and around so the group doesn't have to wait much. Even though I missed breakfast in the hotel (I heard it was a good buffett), all I need is coffee. So I cleaned up and got ready for the day. The weather was supposed to be warm and partly cloudy, so I didn't want to over dress. Apparently, tomorrow should bring some rain.

We stopped at the bar and had two cappucino that would jump start the day. The only plan we had was to walk around down town Roma, see some sites and shop a little, lunch and then see some more sites and then dinner, back at the hotel before the last shuttle at 11:30 pm. All is good until "someone's feet" started barking like a dog!

The hotel bus dropped us off just south of the ancient Rome digs. We marked our maps so everyone knew where to go if we got separated. Then we headed out towards the ruins, but still wanted to make it to the Trevi Fountain as our first discovery! Of course, before we made it towards the fountain between all the shops and vendors but decided our vino levels were kind of low. We found a cool little restaurant just north of the fountain and made a way to a table for four.

Lunch was yummy! 4 Formagio Pizza, Caprese insalda, and delicious wine to super charge the day. We enjoyed American country music over the PA system, American MTV on the TV and of course our own American conversation! Life is good!

Then we made our way towards the Trevi Fountain to be halted by many leather, souvenier, liquor, street vendor artists and miscellaneous catch all shops along the way. Once we made it to the Trevi Fountain, Francesca and I found our way to the fountain for some picture ops! We pointed to the fountain so Ricco & Gia would know our intent. Of course we were separated, but found our way back to each other at the top of the fountain. Then we wondered further out of the area to find our way back to the square where the adventure began.

We were able to see the Roman Colloseo from a distance. At the entrance of the Ancient ruins we decided we would not walk down into the pit and just look at the area from the top. We all enjoyed some "aqua" before we started back towards the bus stop. We decided to take a short cut up and around the back side the Piazza Venazzia. By the time Francesca & I reach halfway up the back side of our short cut, Ricco told us that Gia was going to meet us at the bus stop. Okay! We kept climbing and snapping photos and winding our way around the back side of the Veteran's memorial. By the time we reached the top we found a party going on! A live band, people dressed up in very nice clothes, and lots of tourists wondering what the heck was going on! We wondered past and made our way down the stairs towards the bus stop.

When we arrived 20 minutes after separating from Gia ... no Gia! Well, we waited, wondered back a few blocks, wondered forward a few blocks and could not spot our missing friend. Ricco encouraged, Francesca and I to make our way back to the hotel on the next bus. He would wait for Gia. If she had not arrived before the next bus, he would meet us back at the hotel.

Well, let me tell you, I stayed calm and my feelings were all good that the outcome would be just fine. After a vodka martini in the hotel bar, you know my feelings had not changed. Actually my feelings improved. Ricco & Gia departed the next bus and we were all able to enjoy a fabulous dinner together. Gia, on the other hand, is still soaking her feet in an ice bucket awaiting our shopping excursions in the morrow!

Ciao Bella!

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Francesca paintingFrancesca painting
Francesca painting

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