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August 1st 2012
Published: August 1st 2012
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Yes, we are still alive and well after 3 days in Rome.

We are both agreed that Rome is one of the most beautiful cities that we have ever visted. Every time we get lost (which is quite often) we have happened upon another stunning building or other feature. It seems that there is such an excess of amazing architecture that they have taken to just sticking pharmacies in all the left-over space. There aren't as many tourists here as we expected ... dont get us wrong there are loads of tourists, but there is so much to see that everybody seems to manage to spread out quite nicely and leave us to ourselves. Which is good because in this heat, sweaty old men squeezing past you in a queue is the last thing you need.

We got here on Monday, checked into a B&B which is run by a lovely couple called Alex and Ines who also own a restaurant where they give us free drinks... Yey. We've been spending our time since we arrived aimlessly wandering from place to place. It has been working out quite well so far so.. we got lost on our way to the Pantheon yesterday and accidentely ended up at the Trevi Fountain! We got some delicioso gellato and made a wish in the fountain and promised to come back to Rome.... (that way the wish will definitely come true!).

Our plan to pig out on all of the pasta, pizza and wine in Italy is not quite going to plan, but is better than we expected it to be! It's too hot to eat much but so far when we ordered some Antipasti we ended up demolishing an entire Mozarella ball, and when trying to eat light with a bit of Brushetta, got brought an entire basket filled with different types of salami to go on the side. Dribble dribble..... Oddly, smoked duck and pink grapefruit is an inspired conbination that should be seen more often in Rochdale... but lets be honest, probably wont.

Hannah is being a light weight with the wine... I think it's down to the dehydration but she only had a sip last night and was complaining of being tipsy..... shocking! Ok, that was not entirely true..... Sorry Hannah, that was me .... the shame!

We are on our way South to Sorrento tomorrow to have a dip in the sea and hopefully cool off. Will keep you updated soon.

Hope you are all well at home and enjoyed reading. Wish you were here.

Hannah and Noshi



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