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August 3rd 2012
Published: August 3rd 2012
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Hi again, from sunny Sant'Agnello this time!

We left Rome yesterday morning... very sad as it was such a great place to explore, but after killing our feet for 3 days we thought it would be quite nice to have a proper holiday. We've had a bit of a culture fix by going to see Hercaleneum - the lesser known Pompei, near Mt Vesuvius. Very happy it didn't erupt I have to say! It was quite incrediable to see that not only did people make beautiful mosaics and works of art 2000 years ago, but those works actually managed to survive first an earthquake, then a volcanic eruption - whereas my sunglasses have already broken.... stupid modern plastic. Maybe they would have survived if they were made out of marble, I'll remember that next time.

It's so gloriously sunny that really all there is to do is got to the beach, which we have done both afternoons that we have been here. Hannah is being hilarious and dunking me under the water..... ha ha .... little does she know that I will get her back one day when she least expects it... I've tried about 5 times but it hasn't worked yet!

It has been lovely to meet some local people and some other travelers who are staying at our hostel whilst attending a local cooking school. Although Rome was lovely we didn't really get to meet any other people and were gettin sick of looking at each other after 3 days!

Off on a killer of a long journey tomorrow up to Verona where there is an Opera festival going on. How very classy of us.

Wish you were here.

Hannah and Nosheen



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