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March 16th 2010
Published: April 5th 2010
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ROMA Day 55

Today I was all on my lonesome in Roma. I decided that I should head to the Vatican and do my Catholic duty. I wasn’t too sure what to expect to feel when entering the Vatican seeing as it is practically the Mecca for Catholics. When I arrived I felt absolutely NOTHING! Not even the slightest hint that it was meant to be a holy place for Catholics. I thought maybe going into the Basilica of St.Peter would be different but it was worse. It is the coldest most gaudy, ghastly displays of wealth. ICK ICK ICK! I practically turned right around and walked back out. The guards looked at me funny when I went in the one door barely walked through before hightailing it for the exit.

Speaking of the guards, the swiss guards on duty wear the funniest outfits. I can not for the life of me try to imagine one of them running along in their fancy clown outfits and jumping in to save the Pope from danger. So after giggling at the guards, the best part of the Vatican, I made my way back towards the good part of Roma.

I stopped by the Piazza Navona, which had some really lovely fountains and many artists selling their paintings around the square. From there I went on to the Pantheon, which was so big and the ceiling is very interesting. And from there I randomly walked to various ancient ruins.

Quick question: Why on earth do people buy the “I heart (insert city name here)” shirts for souvenirs. I don’t get it. Of all the things you could get as a souvenir you buy the shirt and wear it around the city as you visit it. It makes no sense. But I might have to get an “I heart Rome (with the ‘me’ crossed out and ‘b’ written in)” tshirt made up.

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11th April 2010

Wholly ground- say what.
Rome is spectaculer despite the fact you did not feel the spiritualness. LOL any way looks like a great place to visit.

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