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November 13th 2005
Published: May 23rd 2009
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Rome- nothing like i expected. I figured it would be all ruins, but nope, its like New York City again! It has roman ruins in odd places, but im still excited to be here! the guys, WOOOO.. yumo

Our furst day we just visited the outside of the colluseum and did some random shopping. I got a fake Louis Vitton luggage carry on = ) Our 3nd day we saw the Trevi Fountain, it was soooo big! I finally found Zach, my italian stallion, his Italian Flag for his room ! We also went for a tour of the colloseum which was pretty neat, although half of it was burned due to a fire. There is also round holes drilled throughout it, which is because the romans took the iron ore out of it for other buildings after it was shut down.. It was a thrill actually being in there and seeing the underground where all the beastly animals were stored for fighting...

Today we went to this huge market around vatican city..I bought some neat socks and sneakers which was uberly cheap! We then saw some vendors under this bridge selling cheap stuff and as we were there , the police came in and they all ran from out of their stalls! I could have so stolen a unique eminem poster for zach but chose not too lol. Other than that, the guy rented mopeds which we will be ususing tomorrow to get to the Vatican!

I am really truly upset about the fact that the pope has his appearances on Sundays (which is today!) and we couldnt find a bus or taxi to take us there from the market! But tomorrow were going to go anyways to see the church and paintings and statues.

I think i am pretty much done sight seeing Rome and i think im ready to head back to London and then home to see my babe! Only 7 more days baby. = )

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